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  • Lost Land Beta soon! Next dlc already in the works! What the hell DarkGod?!   31 weeks 2 hours ago

    Hype Hype Hype.. looking forward to an update for my favorite game.
    How far is it? How near is it? I am not sure, but it sure is exciting.

  • Lost Land Beta soon! Next dlc already in the works! What the hell DarkGod?!   31 weeks 2 hours ago


  • Lost Land Beta soon! Next dlc already in the works! What the hell DarkGod?!   31 weeks 2 hours ago


  • Lost Land Beta soon! Next dlc already in the works! What the hell DarkGod?!   31 weeks 2 hours ago


  • Infinite Dungeon Improved Challenges   31 weeks 8 hours ago

    Multiplicity failed, when my Stone Warden's Elemental Split expired.

  • Dual-Classes Reworked by AscendingPhoenix   31 weeks 2 days ago

    With this addon the talent Command Staff brings up the element tree selection, but the sub-selection list for specific elements is blank.

  • Bastion   31 weeks 3 days ago

    Shieldwall is ded nao

  • Bastion   31 weeks 4 days ago

    This thread was from 2016. If I recall correctly, back in 2016 people were still arguing about whether vanilla wins after version 1.2 were "legit" according to "old school difficulty." The current version is 1.7.4. So, according to that logic nothing anyone does is legit anymore, hasn't been for years, and we can all stop arguing =)

    We're free!

  • Dual-Classes Reworked by AscendingPhoenix   31 weeks 4 days ago

    Your character becomes a unique when you pick your second class. Whether that's intentional or not, fun thing!
    Also... Does the scaling work? Levels still seem to be limited by zone limits.

  • Elkan's Infinite Dungeon Tweaks And Zlefin's Fixes   31 weeks 6 days ago

    Getting resurrected by Neverending Unlife made the Multiplicity challenge not end when leaving the level. So it's still listed as ongoing in the journal.
    Also, bring back the escorts? =)

  • Bastion   32 weeks 6 hours ago

    It doesn't matter. Some people just try to gatekeep things that are not their business. I've won (mostly) vanilla, but that was a long time ago and now I play with add-ons because they can be lots of fun.

  • Bastion   32 weeks 1 day ago

    Like, you can see people used addons on their sheets right? What does it matter they didnt use vanilla?

  • Outlander   32 weeks 3 days ago

    At effective talent level 6.5 (5 points invested + Adept) the cost of learning a talent drops to 0% of current exp; this may be a balance issue.

  • Made it to the Master   33 weeks 1 day ago


    Another thing you could consider is doing a full clear of all content (Maze, Daikara, Tempest Peak, Sandworm, Old Forest etc.) before attempting the Master. That should put you at level 27+. Taking on the Master at level 24 means you have no Prodigy yet and that can make a huge difference.

  • Point Credits   33 weeks 2 days ago

    Seems like the additional "credits" for talents and generics works fine, but I'm unable to go into the negatives for category points. Any idea as to what may be causing this? Thank you for a fantastic mod!

  • quickfix   33 weeks 2 days ago

    Accidentally broke the display when fixing Forest Wights in a way that I did not encounter while testing the new patch.

    Fixing that here.

  • Trapped! is one sided.   33 weeks 2 days ago

    This is true for people who have Forbidden Cults, but if you don't have that, you can't get the reroll benefit from Assassin Lord, which keeps the merchant's side better. It's an interesting bifurcation of the player base experience.

  • Playable Wight Races   33 weeks 3 days ago

    Thank you for your feedback. This has been fixed in the latest release.

    After consulting with astralInferno, one of the most prolific modders in the community, there really is no way to fix this problem of unlocking and relocking an entire talent tree and getting the points right to cover all use cases without removing the ability to undo points in the generic tree that controls it.

    I resisted this solution at first because it is inelegant and because it takes flexibility away from the player, but it is the only clean solution. All points for Forest Wight racial generics are now unrefundable. Plan accordingly.

  • Adjustments   33 weeks 3 days ago


    • Wight experience penalty reduced slightly, in line with new racial penalty amounts.
    • Forest Wight generics are now all unalterable, by player request. Allocate carefully.

    The only thing that could break last patch was if you deliberately went in and undid the final point in one talent, then redid it, and even breaking it would not crash the game... but some people prefer a "you can't break it" to a "it won't break unless you go out of your way to break it" experience, even if the latter preserves flexibility.

  • Odyssey of The Summoner (for ToME 1.7.4+)   34 weeks 2 days ago

    It seems the game doesn't like decontaminate.
    The buff goes into negative duration once the regular duration end too.

  • Odyssey of The Summoner (for ToME 1.7.4+)   34 weeks 3 days ago

    I read you arent going to add new things but maybe you could add some explanations for obscure things to descriptions? Like, first discipline (I think it doubles the active effect?)

  • Summoner rework   34 weeks 3 days ago

    I think its a good idea to add a special effect to 'reinforcement' when wielding a 2h with shield (ogre moment)

  • Trapped! is one sided.   34 weeks 5 days ago

    Do you think the merchant was imprisoned not for ransom but because he called the Assassin Lord "Asslord" and pissed the guy off? I like to believe this is the official story. And it makes it easier to side with the Assassin Lord. " called a powerful, dangerous criminal 'Asslord' to his face? You deserve what you got."

  • Player GAI   34 weeks 5 days ago

    Mod updated and should be far more useful.

  • Trapped! is one sided.   34 weeks 5 days ago

    Asslord is great to side with. Getting access to the font lets you spend some gold to reroll your RNG on items and pick from a list of new results. This results, generally, in a very reliable (for a roguelike) way to upgrade. You also know when it's coming and you can plan around it. But the items you get aren't the best items you can get.

    The merchant is paying for new gear of a guaranteed quality. It also rolls extra egos. Your odds of getting something useful are not so great. Your odds of getting something absolutely spectacular do exist though. 100% crit chance from 1 weapon? Absolutely in the realm of possibilities. Not likely, but still very cool.

    I go with asslord the vast majority of the time, but sometimes merchant can be nice to mix it up. Also, some classes can't side with asslord at all, so it's nice that the merchant still isn't a horrible pick. It's just not as reliable.