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  • Customized Xorn Race   19 weeks 6 days ago

    You're an idiot. Everybody else ignore this comment.

  • Mage Knight   20 weeks 1 day ago

    There's a conflict with the draconian race addon due to both of them containing the name "earthen body"

  • Draconian (Fork)   20 weeks 1 day ago

    There's a conflict with another addon called "mageknight class" or something like that, it has to do with both addons containing an ability with the name "earthen body" figured I'd put that out there just so you know.

  • Arcanic Rogue   20 weeks 1 day ago

    Just d/l'd this class. I'm new, so it took me a while to decide whether this was my mistake or not.

    The current version does the following.

    Upon starting a new character, 3 of the primary stats start at 100. I didn't note which 3, but I think it was dx, wp and cunning. Also starts w/ 5000 hp or something like that.

    The basis of the class is interesting, but these problems make it unplayable.

    Hope to see a revised version some day.

  • All Spells Tree Unlock   20 weeks 2 days ago

    Fixed Harmony and Combat Training Spell trees
    Now works correct;y with Wyrmic (all spell trees)

    Исправлены ветки Harmony и Combat Training
    Теперь корректно работают ветки Wyrmic'а (доступны все открытые ветки)

  • Addons?   20 weeks 6 days ago

    ... unintended duplicate post ... must be some temporal horror around.

  • Addons?   20 weeks 6 days ago

    I'm just getting into ToME and the addons.

    The first one that I tried was tome-nullnewgems (thats the file name). It was so well done that it encouraged me to look further. From a novice's perspective, it seems that most of the addons are of very good quality.

    I did reach a point where classes from addons that I'd not even tried yet started showing up on rares. And then beating me into a pulp. That might be fun later, but it got to be too much. After messing around for a while, I found a set of QOL plus a few classes that I prefer.

    This is my addon protocol.
    d/l everything that sounds interesting, immed put it into the game.
    Start up the game and manually disable the new stuff in the addons dialog.
    Then, before I start a new game - when I feel like it - I go back into the addons and enable them again.

    I was editing the desc.lua file and all sorts of nonsense. This way is much easier and gives you exactly the control that you'll want.

  • Shaman   21 weeks 4 days ago

    well i just realised i'm not automatically notified for post on my addon so, first, sorry for the wait (if you ever come back to read this)

    And yup, I will open the class to other campaigns it just did not cross my mind, hehe. Will push next update ;)

  • Resist levels   21 weeks 4 days ago

    no noticable effect from this mod. Maybe conflicts with Adjustable level-up?

  • All Spells Tree Unlock   21 weeks 4 days ago

    Added all DLC's feautures (Tinkers, Wyrmic talents, etc.)

    --- РУС ---
    Добавлены все DLC'шные нововведения (Тинкеры, Таланты Вирмика и т.д.)

  • Shadows are Botamon   21 weeks 5 days ago


  • Parasite-in-Pocket   22 weeks 2 days ago

    Work correctly
    --- РУС ---
    Работает стабильно

  • Ring Soul   22 weeks 2 days ago

    Mod doesn't work for me. Eng ToME 1.5.10, ring doesn't appear in inventory

  • Addons?   22 weeks 3 days ago

    I've used the ZOmnibus pack of addons for so long, I basically consider them part of the base game at this point. Entirely just QoL stuff, but they add little things that make life easier.

  • Addons?   22 weeks 4 days ago

    If you want even more addons you can also check out my latest character(Alonra at the time of speaking). There is a lot of them but all of them are tested and working together.

    Like ConJohnner I have some addons that are quality of life, like effects display or faster run/rest/explore but I also use many rebalancing addons that make some classes/races/items more interesting and fun (Arcanum, Verdant, Midnight are the biggest). I also use 2 addons that let me respec the charater talents anywhere and as many as I want and another that lets me unlock talent trees for free which some might consider cheating but I have them mainly for testing purposes (kind of quality of life too).

    There are also many cool addons that add new classes to the game. IMO best of them are Deathknight, Dark Priest and Zephyr.

  • A Few Bug Fixes   22 weeks 4 days ago

    Just attack is ok, include auto counter attack, but skills like Eldritch Blow still damage 50%.....

  • Addons?   22 weeks 4 days ago

    It would be nice if there was one that made it easier to compare items, particulary the infusions, I find it hard to compare them by having to remember the stats and look back and forth. I'll take a look in a bit, been playing and dieing, the usual hehe

  • Addons?   22 weeks 4 days ago

    I don't think there's a 'feel' about add-ons.
    Maybe some believe it's a hassle? Although i think it's pretty easy.

    If anything you can play without them for a couple of hours and see if you'd like anything added or changed.

    If you check my characters, i have a ton of add-ons applied. Most if not all are quality of life add-ons that don't change gameplay, but make my playthrough smoother, for me at least. The most uh unobtrusive one being simply a visible clock.

    I would say to go through the add-ons list and just read some of em that interest you. There are ratings as well.

  • This is insane   22 weeks 5 days ago

    odd but yes, this is a thing o.O

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5.10 aka "It That Patches" is out!   22 weeks 6 days ago

    I downloaded this and it says that the .zip is in an unknown format or damaged. My DL didn't entirely work; would that be why?

    I'm using Windows 7 and version 61.0.2 of Firefox if that helps anyone trying to figure out my problem.

  • Playing it Blind   23 weeks 1 day ago

    Seems I'm not the only one here who took til 400 hours in to get my first win in adventure/normal. This game is *hard*. I hope you've found it enjoyable the last couple months, eh?

  • The Enforcer   23 weeks 1 day ago

    This just begs for a shotgun, it's too bad the Shotgonne is two handed. Definitely what I was looking for when I saw a steamtech class called the Enforcer. :D

  • Monsters tiles set   23 weeks 2 days ago

    Added all NPC tiles from DLCs (Orcs, Ashes, Cults)

    --- Рус ---
    Добавлены тайлсеты из аддонов (Orcs, Ashes, Cults)

  • Shaman   23 weeks 4 days ago

    Congratulations on getting this far.

  • All Spells Tree Unlock   23 weeks 6 days ago

    Added and Unlocked Psionic/Passessor locked trees: Body snatcher and Deep Horror

    Добавлены и разблокированы скрытые ветки класса Psionic/Passessor: Body snatcher и Deep Horror