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  • Explanation of the localization feature for addons creators   27 weeks 2 days ago

    That should work just fine :)
    And if it does not, I'll try to make it work anyway ;)

  • Explanation of the localization feature for addons creators   27 weeks 4 days ago

    For reference, is it possible to write an addon that provides translations for someone else's addon? I ask because a Steam user asked a few months ago for permission to release a Chinese translated version of ZOmnibus. With any luck, I'll have localization support added to ZOmnibus and all its component addons by the 1.7 release, which I'm hoping will make their job easier.

  • Animist   27 weeks 4 days ago

    much more interesting. Still, Undine rulezz supreme. Gnome probably needs some improvement? PArticularly, his block feels weakish - many opponents justt punsh through it... And lvl 12 power , whiile passive, feels least useful of tier-4s. Also, shouldn't lightning jump get some range increase with investment? Actually, most class skills feel perfectly good at 1 point, with no need for improvement.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.0 BETA1 is upon you!   27 weeks 5 days ago

    Beta is up on Steam. You can find the code in the announcement on Steam :)

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.0 BETA1 is upon you!   27 weeks 6 days ago

    How about a beta for Steam?

  • Animist   28 weeks 23 hours ago

    Confusing cooldowns and piano playing from many skills feels fresh.
    Pleased feeding spiritual weapons. (Who is that thunder? Who wants to eat legendary weapon? Good sword!)

    Many skills are effective with minimal investment. I caught myself on the fact that I can leave 5-15 class points without many losses.
    Ground disruption and Lunarang look useless.
    Lux&Umbra feels weird- his skills require L&U standing, while everything else is concentrated on the switch.

  • Sapper   28 weeks 1 day ago

    It was indeed ^^
    And yes, it really is AoE siege engines, except no trebuchet :p no steamguns though, can't build anything with a steamgun and pickaxes are more fashionable !
    tell me what you think after trying it out :)

  • Sapper   28 weeks 1 day ago

    Was this that new class you teased before on Bristlebarb? Maaaan. All I can think is Age of Empires 2 has come to haunt Maj'Eyal. We shall crush our foes under swaths of flaming rocks! Will definitely be making this my next playthrough. I love pet classes, and I love steamguns. This has me even more hype than the Alchemic Tinkerer class that's floating around. We shall teach those foolish orcs the meaning of SIEGE WARFARE.

    You certainly did not lie to me when you said you had another unique class planned. My excitement was well warrented. :)

  • PVP arena   28 weeks 3 days ago

    Well, guess it's really hard to implement. Involving AI in this would end up AI doing stupid things. Players are always more clever than AI.

  • Patch 1.7 big feature preview: New Necromancers!   29 weeks 2 days ago


  • Heartstalker - Psionic Class   30 weeks 1 day ago

    very cool concept,but the screams from Dark Psyche are very disruptive.I would much prefer taking that tree if the sounds were changed.keep up the good work .

  • Frost Invoker   30 weeks 2 days ago

    Yes, now's bettter, thanks.

  • Inferno Pettiness   30 weeks 6 days ago

    understood, thank you.

  • Inferno Pettiness   31 weeks 15 hours ago

    Id like to, but I'm out of practice with modding. if I stay invested and interested, I'm sure I'll be updating them eventually, but I can't make any promises.

  • Inferno Pettiness   31 weeks 1 day ago

    Sorry for off top, but - are you planning to update your bigger mods to be 1.6. compliantt? Races pack seems to work (though you can't add cosmetic options for some), but Celestial Oddities crash in some instances. A pity as I like these mods.

  • Frost Invoker   31 weeks 2 days ago

    Just finished a fairly chunky update, including more mobility and less investment required for talent ranges, along with more versatility with regards to where you can summon the sculpture, and several other tweaks all around. Full details are on the forum.

  • Frost Invoker   31 weeks 6 days ago

    The decoy is quite useful, but suffers due to range 1. Especially as you can't cast it behind you then switch places. As for gap closer, I see another problem in you only having one such, especially as it is unreliable (if you are dazed by, say, slime Psyshot, neither of its options qould work, e.g.). Even Sun Paladin has 2 (actually more as 2h talent is a useful short-range closer).

  • Dance of the Edge   31 weeks 6 days ago

    The ArmoredBrick build is not so horrible as I feared, but still quite boring. On another note: is it possible to include some notes or something to indicate where boss Dancers are?

  • Frost Invoker   31 weeks 6 days ago

    Thanks, those specifics are helpful.

    The class is a melee fighter that augments their combat will spell casting, so there is really not meant to be a great "ranged option". That said, there are a few talents that would probably benefit from having a fixed range so that you have a bit more reach early on when your melee is still a little weak, especially the gap closer. I have an idea to rework Icy Blast into a bit of a rush-like mobility talent instead of a ball AoE.

    As far as defense, I think the class is pretty well outfitted in that regard, but it might benefit from having some things shuffled around to make some of the stronger defense available a bit sooner. Cryochamber stops killing blows and with Ice Infusion you can escape after Cryo triggers. Plus they have a damage bubble, crit reduction, all res, a decoy that pulls aggro in a large area and pins when it dies, a debuff to reduce enemy damage, a hard single target lock, and a large AoE freeze. Some of these take a while to really come online, but I don't think classes need to be super strong right out of the gate.

    Overall I think the class is in a good place, but it may need some tweaks to give it bit more survivability early on so that it's not as difficult to reach a place where you really start to feel strong. Your feedback, and that of others, has given me a few ideas on how to tweak things a bit to accomplish that.

  • Frost Invoker   32 weeks 16 hours ago

    ...combination? Defence is not good enough plus lack of inherent escapes . Heals are weak (may be better with investment, but I die before that). For attacks - there are stops for melee enemies, but no against ranged (at leasst at early levels). Also, range requires heavy investment AND few closing options. Plus you can't go the normal mage path and just buy Staff Combat as a ranged option. Honsetly, just don't see how you see it all working together. Utility is probably the main problem, but...

  • Frost Invoker   32 weeks 21 hours ago

    What aspect in particular feels weak? Offense or defense? Lack of utility? I'm trying to get a better idea of what could use improvement.

  • Frost Invoker   32 weeks 21 hours ago

    The idea is interesting, but feels weakish, at least on Insane.

  • Dance of the Edge   32 weeks 1 day ago

    icons now work well. On the other hand, the fact remains that no 'dancing' take place. Maybe some name change?? And I would say that the powers of these guys are too supernatural to be powered by Stamina. Probably Equilibrium or Psi be more logical? Leaf style remains the most useful at least till level 20 or so. Builds other than Leaf or Storm get killed at low levels (Leaf can survive most things, Storm can reach mages or archers). Thrown knives cornac build mitigates this somewhat but Throw requires its own investment. Had a fight with the Rock Dancer miniboss that reminded me of one time my friends decided to test Palladium RIFTS combat system: I spent probably 100 or more game turns sawing through his protection while regenerating anything he could do. :(( Leaf boss is almost as annoying, though he at least presents an actual danger with his poison. Letters from Old Master are BAD. They are so cliche it is not fun. :( Didn't read all, but hope is slim. Got killed from boredom but will probably test some more in the days to come.

  • Frost Invoker   32 weeks 3 days ago

    New class by the one and only nsrr? Hype. Definitely gonna give it a whirl on my next run. Always love a good unarmed build.

  • Bristlebarb   32 weeks 3 days ago

    well a new class IS just around the corner
    planning on doing the last couple talents tomorrow, and then it's playtesting/release :)

    and once balance is a bit more established, i have plans for extra trees eventually, like bbarb got roots later on.