Utility Supplies

Utility Supplies

Adds useful items to the game. Currently supported:

  • Single-use infusion patches for healing, detrimental effect removal and temporary speed.
  • Scrolls of phase door, teleportation and controlled phase door.
  • Rods of trap detection and disarming.

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The game's initial idea was to do away with tons of scrolls, potions, etc. that adventurers had to carry and grind for. This is what makes the game BETTER than ye olde roguelike. What use is there for a mod to make the game more of a clone of worse ones??? Furthermore, there are already alternative games on this platform, some of them using those tons of potions the author seems to love so...

Not just useful, but frequently necessary

wrana5 wrote:
The game's initial idea was to do away with tons of scrolls, potions, etc. that adventurers had to carry and grind for.

And what the game replaced those with is simply inadequate to the task: they're frequently not available when you need them, you're artificially and pointlessly limited in how many you can have, and some of them (notably detrimental effect removal) don't do their jobs remotely well enough. Frankly, if I were forced to choose between a stack of potions or a wild infusion, I'd take the stack of potions, because the stack of potions works better. [The fix for having to "grind" for them, of course, is simply to make them more easily available in stores.]

(Not that I'm necessarily wedded to the consumables form factor specifically, mind you. If you can suggest a better means of achieving the goal I created this addon to achieve, I'll be happy to look into it.)

meet error in last hope

Store.lua:48 attempt to index local 'e' (a nil value)

maybe add nil check for e is better

Always liked this addon

Having consumables for emergencies has saved me more than once, so I always appreciate this addon. All the rods are too common (I've found three in one high-level zone, but I dunno how the "rarity" number works so I'm loath to tinker) but it's better than having a trap you can't disarm by a pedestal you want to activate and no trap-disarming vanilla rod showing up. The "m" menu gets a little cluttered, too, because apparently an entry for every rod you've ever touched stays there, even if you never moved it out of the chest. Can't see where in the addon that would be fixed, though, so maybe it's just a TE4 engine problem with the way the rods are implemented. Can't fault the addon for that.

Anyhow, definitely a little unbalancing just by its nature, but I still wouldn't like to play without it.