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  • Custom Difficulty   24 weeks 5 days ago

    Updated with buttons for easily switching to the standard, preset difficulties, and with support for Madness's new bonus life option.

  • Qlass Pack   25 weeks 3 days ago

    Boring as hell. All classes were already present at forum, and they aren't even reworked particularly good. Zephyr had useful light tree removed, but had not even its variant of weapon mastery done according to 1.6 standard, e.g.

  • Qlass Pack   25 weeks 4 days ago

    Been a while since there's a good class pack like this, so great job.
    Some of the talents are a bit too simplistic, but it's still fun.
    I'll be looking forward for more updates!

  • Grove Keeper   25 weeks 6 days ago

    Thanks again for the report :)

  • Fate Archer for ToME   25 weeks 6 days ago

    well, it is a reason to study Chinese harder... ;))

  • Beholder (Eye Fix)   25 weeks 6 days ago

    Firstly, it's quite strong but still interesting to play. That said, no Wild Infusion or Breaker Rune at start feels an artificial weakness. Agree about strangeness of no sound. It would be better if item eating was explained better ingame. I still am not sure whether it provides any tangible bonuses or is a purely cosmetic option. Also, the beholder ring is unable to attach the Crystal Focus unique gem. Is it WAD or?

  • Verdant Class Pack   26 weeks 6 hours ago

    Not sure how this got duplicated.

  • PVP arena   26 weeks 1 day ago

    yep, would be cool to make the game actually multiplayed, maybe even not only 1vs1 - also 2vs2, 3vs3 either as clans or as random (but balanced) teams

  • Verdant Class Pack   26 weeks 1 day ago

    If you've managed to complete the requirements to unlock this class, I'm assuming you would have noticed that 'quests' don't mean anything with regard to progressing the game, and that you can find yourself a suitably levelled dungeon to do next.
    I'll see if I can work out why the Quest doesn't get set to "Finished" though.

  • Arcanum Class Pack   26 weeks 1 day ago

    I don't check these comments ever, so using the forums or the Steam Workshop comments is a better place to post stuff.

    But while I'm here...

    Damadtroller, are you getting the addon from here or Steam? I'm aware of the error and I'm trying to find the cause so that I can stop it from repeatedly happening.

    wrana5, yeah its a bit of a mess. Sorry. I haven't quite been able to keep up with my Addon maintenance with the version changes. A few classes now need a big overhaul. That addon was supposed to contain much more stuff, but I didn't get very far with it.

  • Playable Naloren Race   26 weeks 1 day ago

    Any chance this might get an update to the current paradigm of EXP penalties in TE4, i.e., probably halved?

  • Grove Keeper   26 weeks 1 day ago

    No problem. The class looks really fun to play, so I'm happy to give helpful reports, lol

  • Grove Keeper   26 weeks 1 day ago

    This one looks like it's my fault. I recently reworked how the Bark Guard visual is applied/removed and it looks like I didn't test thoroughly enough. I'll take a look as soon as I can and should be able to sort it out pretty quickly.

    Thanks again for your report :)

  • Grove Keeper   26 weeks 2 days ago

    Turning everything off had it work fine (at least with the issues I was having); the mod in question seemed to be Beholder (Eye Fix), which... Eh. If you want to contact the mod author to figure out what's up, feel free, but it's sort of a separate experience mod from what I've experienced playing with it.

    That being said, once I had it working again... Well, I didn't get to play around that much without it working prior, but getting a little deeper into a playthrough (Lv6 or so), I encountered another set of errors. The trigger for these appeared to be having the... er. Barkskin? Bark-something shield up and taking enough damage to bring it down to 0. They'd only crop up after that happened, occurred when attempting to target enemies with abilities, at least one time when getting hit again, and at least one time when attempting to attack an enemy with a sling. The abilities and the like would actually trigger; it'd just complain. Once the shield had a chance to replenish, even just a little, the errors wouldn't occur until it had been depleted again.

    This would occur for targeting things...

    Lua Error: /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:137: /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:164: /hooks/grovekeeper/load.lua:59: attempt to call method 'updateModableTile' (a nil value)
    stack traceback:
    	/hooks/grovekeeper/load.lua:59: in function </hooks/grovekeeper/load.lua:37>
    	[string "return function(l, self, data) local ok=false..."]:1: in function 'triggerHook'
    	/data/damage_types.lua:520: in function 'defaultProjector'
    	/data/damage_types.lua:865: in function 'projector'
    	data-grovekeeper/damage_types.lua:88: in function 'projector'
    	/engine/interface/ActorProject.lua:259: in function 'project'
    	/data-grovekeeper/effects/mental.lua:182: in function 'on_merge'
    	/engine/interface/ActorTemporaryEffects.lua:134: in function 'setEffect'
    	/data-grovekeeper/effects/mental.lua:167: in function 'callEffect'
    	/mod/class/Actor.lua:6101: in function 'cb'
    	/data/damage_types.lua:523: in function 'projector'
    	data-grovekeeper/damage_types.lua:196: in function 'projector'
    	/engine/interface/ActorProject.lua:259: in function 'project'
    	/data-grovekeeper/talents/gifts/symbiosis.lua:107: in function </data-grovekeeper/talents/gifts/symbiosis.lua:102>
    	[C]: in function 'xpcall'
    	/engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:162: in function </engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:151>
      At [C]:-1 
      At [C]:-1 error
      At /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:137 fct
      At /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:143 targetMode
      At /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:280 targetMouse
      At /mod/class/Game.lua:2530 fct
      At /engine/Mouse.lua:71 

    And this would occur in other cases.

    Lua Error: /hooks/grovekeeper/load.lua:59: attempt to call method 'updateModableTile' (a nil value)
      At [C]:-1 updateModableTile
      At /hooks/grovekeeper/load.lua:59 
      At [string "return function(l, self, data) local ok=false..."]:1 triggerHook
      At /data/damage_types.lua:520 defaultProjector
      At /data/damage_types.lua:865 projector
      At /data/damage_types.lua:2944 projector
      At /engine/Map.lua:1265 processEffects
      At /mod/class/Game.lua:1757 onTurn
      At /engine/GameEnergyBased.lua:90 tick
      At /engine/GameTurnBased.lua:51 tick
      At /mod/class/Game.lua:1534 

    Not sure if this is also due to a mod, but just thought I'd mention it.

  • Solar Gun Weapons   26 weeks 2 days ago

    Not particularly bad, not very good. Problems are many talents seems to lack level requirements, there are no advanced talents to explore at high levels, light weight and greater rannge of the guns seem overpowered, there are no actual reason to get more than 1-2 Lens talents, so you could just make it 1 talent similar to the staff one. This is just from one run. Plus, some talents look useless leading to probably just one working build being complete at level 20 or about it.

  • Arcanum Class Pack   26 weeks 3 days ago

    Do you plan to eventually updating the 'Tempus Fugit' (anarchist class) add-on? I liked it but it felt somewhat unfinished.

  • Grove Keeper   26 weeks 3 days ago

    Your forum post might not show for a while if it's your first. This is an odd error, but I have seen it crop up before. It was do to a conflict with another add-on in each case, and though I haven't seen a report of it before with Grove Keeper, I'm fairly sure that's the case here as well. I was working on this class earlier today and had no issues. You could test pretty quickly by trying a run with other add-ons turned off. If that doesn't resolve the issue, please let me know. If you're able to identify which add-on is conflicting, if that is the case, I can try to see what might be causing the issue and possibly contact the creator.

    Thanks for the report :)

  • Grove Keeper   26 weeks 3 days ago

    Love the idea of the mod, but it threw a bunch of errors when I was trying a run with it just now. The basic spore ability refused to allow itself to be targeted with bothy keyboard and mouse, throwing errors like

    Lua Error: /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:137: /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:164: /engine/interface/ActorTemporaryEffects.lua:123: attempt to index local 'ed' (a nil value)
    stack traceback:
    /engine/interface/ActorTemporaryEffects.lua:123: in function 'setEffect'
    data-grovekeeper/damage_types.lua:105: in function 'projector'
    /engine/interface/ActorProject.lua:259: in function 'base_project'
    ...eholder-efix/superload/engine/interface/ActorProject.lua:17: in function 'project'
    /data-grovekeeper/talents/gifts/symbiosis.lua:54: in function
    [C]: in function 'xpcall'
    /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:162: in function
    At [C]:-1
    At [C]:-1 error
    At /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:137 fct
    At /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:143 targetMode
    At /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:280 targetMouse
    At /mod/class/Game.lua:2530 fct
    At /engine/Mouse.lua:71

    The only difference between it and the non-mouse version was:

    At [C]:-1
    At [C]:-1 error
    At /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:137 fct
    At /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:143 targetMode
    At /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:212
    At /engine/KeyBind.lua:231

    The shineleaf plant was another interesting oddity. It provided EXP when killed, and also threw errors (while still functioning) any time its effect pulsed while it had enemies within its radius of effect.

    Lua Error: /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:329: /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:302: /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:164: /engine/interface/ActorTemporaryEffects.lua:123: attempt to index local 'ed' (a nil value)
    stack traceback:
    /engine/interface/ActorTemporaryEffects.lua:123: in function 'setEffect'
    data-grovekeeper/damage_types.lua:66: in function 'projector'
    /engine/interface/ActorProject.lua:259: in function 'base_project'
    ...eholder-efix/superload/engine/interface/ActorProject.lua:17: in function 'project'
    /data-grovekeeper/talents/gifts/botany.lua:193: in function
    [C]: in function 'xpcall'
    /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:162: in function
    At [C]:-1
    At [C]:-1 error
    At /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:329 useTalent
    At /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:418 forceUseTalent
    At /mod/class/Actor.lua:6445 base_forceUseTalent
    At /mod/addons/zomnibus/superload/mod/class/Actor.lua:261 forceUseTalent
    At /data-grovekeeper/talents/gifts/botany.lua:175
    At /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:1154 callTalent
    At /mod/class/Actor.lua:6069 fireTalentCheck
    At /mod/class/Actor.lua:779 act
    At /mod/addons/improved-restauto/superload/mod/class/Actor.lua:8 act
    At /mod/class/NPC.lua:70 act
    At /engine/GameEnergyBased.lua:129 tickLevel
    At /engine/GameEnergyBased.lua:64 tick
    At /engine/GameTurnBased.lua:51 tick
    At /mod/class/Game.lua:1534

  • Class: Fallen   26 weeks 4 days ago

    would probably work well with mindstars - but currently only possible in Ork campaign, bying the skill for Yeti tissues. Theoretically possible in main campaign avoiding any spell skills until gathering enough money to purchase it, but too much bother.

  • Class: Fallen   26 weeks 5 days ago

    Wouldn't it be logical to include a couple of trees working in concert with particular weapons (2hand/wpn-n-shield/paired?). Both SunPal and Cursed have some...

  • Gemblade   26 weeks 6 days ago

    As I said, they occur at some randoom times. Last time it was in the middle of combat, but one of the previous ones it was while resting. I have some other mods installed, but they don't produce this in other configurations... As for Finer Energy - I seem to remember that the Slayer's TK goes with one of the class trees, while this is a generic tree. At least it looked so as I ran some 3-sword Adventurer some time ago...

  • Heartstalker - Psionic Class   26 weeks 6 days ago

    Probably too strong and not in a good way. In my trial run I mainly had trouble with rares of the same class. All others were no problem. In addition - the area attack available from lvl 1 - easily reached range 10+ - low cooldown - restores Psi?? Why should I need anything else?%))

  • Gemblade   26 weeks 6 days ago

    I'm probably not going to give the class access to Finer Energy Manipulation, since it comes with (if I recall correctly) access to Beyond the Flash (the mindslayer tk skill.)
    Lethality is in here in case you want to use daggers as your mainland weapon but not go into strength.

    About the hangups, when do you get them? I've not gotten anything like that.
    If anyone else has been getting these, please tell me.

  • Gemblade   27 weeks 1 hour ago

    Thanks. But hanged again today - this time in the middle of combat. ;)) Otherwise worked well - but these are low levels on Insane, so info is limited. At low levels at least there's enough Psi as my girl just killed anything in her way faster than Psi would become a problem. At higher levels this may not be the case -soo I'd probably add that MS tree where you can consume gems for Psi gain. Maybe even as locked as it isn't much needed at lower levels anyway. Also, I'd say that you don't need - at lower levels, again - to unlock as many trees as possible as this class. Getting a couple of solid attacks leveled up works well. And also - I didn't take Lethality at all and didn't feel the need to. Forgot to ask last time - what are the reason for it's inclusion?

  • Gemblade   27 weeks 4 hours ago

    Thanks for the feedback!
    I've given it some thought and decided to use psi as a resource for now.
    Please tell me how it plays - can you keep up in combat, does the class need more ways to regain psi?
    Augmented Mobility is also back (and unlocked) since the class needed more mobility, but I didn't want to drop any of the class talents.