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  • Swordsmaster Class   11 weeks 6 days ago

    An interesting class, seems to work well. Strangely, 2h build seems to work better - partially due to needing less talents to up. Maybe there should be a build based on sswitching between 2h and double-blades as well? Didn't try mindstar variant, but think it is only useful if you go Antimagic?

  • Swordsmaster Class   13 weeks 4 days ago

    Can Japanese or Chinese translation be added?

  • Mage Knight   14 weeks 5 hours ago

    Your work on this addon is commendable! The theme and the creativity of the skills, the balanced and yet powerful talents really keeps me playing around new melee-caster chars all the time haha
    Thank you for this masterpiece!

    I just don't get why mix nature damage with the water themed one (the earth is okayish) but that might be personal preference btw

    It also would be amazing if you could add more archetypes like a darkness/void themed guy :O

  • PVP arena   14 weeks 1 day ago

    That would be incredible despite AI issues.

  • Swordsmaster Class   14 weeks 1 day ago

    Thanks for the feedback! I haven't been able to duplicate Vapor Blade knocking back even when it misses on my end yet, but I'll continue to look into it.

  • Swordsmaster Class   14 weeks 3 days ago

    This is a very fun and well-put-together class!
    I especially like Spring Attack.

    A couple notes:

    • Vapor Blade knocks enemies back even if the attack misses
    • Will To Live should have a cap, or better yet, be a flat (or based on player level) amount that's increased the lower your health is.
    • Lightspeed Draw needs a Fixed Cooldown. Otherwise, if you take Hidden Resources and have some way of lowering the cd, you can cast it forever, doing infinite damage instantly.
    • Spring Attack's stamina restore is kind of overkill given Tempo and Determination. Maybe it should only work if you're using a 2-hand weapon?
  • FlexSpec Respec Limitation Relaxer   14 weeks 4 days ago

    There's a bug with this addon in 1.6.7 and the Adept prodigy. It goes something like:

    - Get the Adept prodigy
    - Use a category point to increase a category's mastery, and you'll get a .6 improvement: The .2 is mutiplied by Adept's x3 instead of being simply added. (So if your category was 1.0, Adept increases is to 1.3, and improving the category with a point increases is to 1.9 instead of 1.5.)
    - Now remove the category improvement, which you can do with FlexSpec. I can't remember the exact result, but it decreases by .2 or something like that, so now your example category from above is at 1.7.
    - Improve the category again with the point you just removed, and once again it increases by .6, and now you're at 2.3.
    - Repeat for infinite category mastery.

    I believe this bug also exists if you have already improved a category prior to taking Adept, but I can't remember how it plays out. (But it's a variation of remove category point, add it back, and repeat.)

    I may have gotten the precise numbers incorrect, but if you try it out, it's pretty easy to reproduce. To verify this is a bug with FlexSpec and not T-Engine, I disabled the FlexSpec addon (via desc.lua) and didn't have this issue (both with adding a cat point post-Adept or removing it on the same screen).

  • Turtles   15 weeks 6 hours ago
    • bringing attention to one-of-kind, amazing addon of size and quality* Upade please!
  • Interracial Masquerade   15 weeks 16 hours ago

    This addon still mostly works with 1.6, but I'll wait for 1.7 before polishing it up. I have not tested the current 1.5 version of the addon with Cults races or the shimmer packs.

    (If anyone is motivated to take over this addon and maintain it, I'd be cool with that. I tend to go for long periods without playing ToME, until a new DLC comes out.)

  • Beholder (Eye Fix)   15 weeks 2 days ago

    My favourite addon class out there, thank you very much for making it playable up-to-date. <3

  • Explanation of the localization feature for addons creators   15 weeks 3 days ago

    That should work just fine :)
    And if it does not, I'll try to make it work anyway ;)

  • Explanation of the localization feature for addons creators   15 weeks 5 days ago

    For reference, is it possible to write an addon that provides translations for someone else's addon? I ask because a Steam user asked a few months ago for permission to release a Chinese translated version of ZOmnibus. With any luck, I'll have localization support added to ZOmnibus and all its component addons by the 1.7 release, which I'm hoping will make their job easier.

  • Animist   15 weeks 5 days ago

    much more interesting. Still, Undine rulezz supreme. Gnome probably needs some improvement? PArticularly, his block feels weakish - many opponents justt punsh through it... And lvl 12 power , whiile passive, feels least useful of tier-4s. Also, shouldn't lightning jump get some range increase with investment? Actually, most class skills feel perfectly good at 1 point, with no need for improvement.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.0 BETA1 is upon you!   15 weeks 6 days ago

    Beta is up on Steam. You can find the code in the announcement on Steam :)

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.0 BETA1 is upon you!   15 weeks 6 days ago

    How about a beta for Steam?

  • Animist   16 weeks 1 day ago

    Confusing cooldowns and piano playing from many skills feels fresh.
    Pleased feeding spiritual weapons. (Who is that thunder? Who wants to eat legendary weapon? Good sword!)

    Many skills are effective with minimal investment. I caught myself on the fact that I can leave 5-15 class points without many losses.
    Ground disruption and Lunarang look useless.
    Lux&Umbra feels weird- his skills require L&U standing, while everything else is concentrated on the switch.

  • Sapper   16 weeks 2 days ago

    It was indeed ^^
    And yes, it really is AoE siege engines, except no trebuchet :p no steamguns though, can't build anything with a steamgun and pickaxes are more fashionable !
    tell me what you think after trying it out :)

  • Sapper   16 weeks 2 days ago

    Was this that new class you teased before on Bristlebarb? Maaaan. All I can think is Age of Empires 2 has come to haunt Maj'Eyal. We shall crush our foes under swaths of flaming rocks! Will definitely be making this my next playthrough. I love pet classes, and I love steamguns. This has me even more hype than the Alchemic Tinkerer class that's floating around. We shall teach those foolish orcs the meaning of SIEGE WARFARE.

    You certainly did not lie to me when you said you had another unique class planned. My excitement was well warrented. :)

  • PVP arena   16 weeks 3 days ago

    Well, guess it's really hard to implement. Involving AI in this would end up AI doing stupid things. Players are always more clever than AI.

  • Patch 1.7 big feature preview: New Necromancers!   17 weeks 3 days ago


  • Heartstalker - Psionic Class   18 weeks 2 days ago

    very cool concept,but the screams from Dark Psyche are very disruptive.I would much prefer taking that tree if the sounds were changed.keep up the good work .

  • Frost Invoker   18 weeks 3 days ago

    Yes, now's bettter, thanks.

  • Inferno Pettiness   19 weeks 5 hours ago

    understood, thank you.

  • Inferno Pettiness   19 weeks 1 day ago

    Id like to, but I'm out of practice with modding. if I stay invested and interested, I'm sure I'll be updating them eventually, but I can't make any promises.

  • Inferno Pettiness   19 weeks 2 days ago

    Sorry for off top, but - are you planning to update your bigger mods to be 1.6. compliantt? Races pack seems to work (though you can't add cosmetic options for some), but Celestial Oddities crash in some instances. A pity as I like these mods.