Adjustable Levelup

Adjustable Levelup

Allows modification of gains for stats, resources, experience gain, category points, and prodigy points. If you would like to be able to modify other values post them in the comments.

UPDATE: I've added the ability to modify stat and level maximums. I have also added the ability to customize which levels stats, talents, talent types, and prodigies are gained at. This allows for alternative leveling schemes such as gaining 2 class points on every even level and 2 generic points every odd level. For example, the max/milestone level could be set to 100, xp gain at 300, and all intervals doubled with alternating offsets for a faster early game, a slower late game, and increased potential for early game specialization.

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Sorry for double-comment. By the way, I downloaded this addon on steam. If I want to get it here, should I download all 13 files here or just the latest one?


when the character gets an additional life. Can I modify that?


when the character gets an additional life. Can I modify that?

Adventurer Problems

I'm reasonably certain this mod is causing an issue with Adventurers. Specifically, the don't get any category points on birth. I don't know why this is occurring and I haven't found a way around it yet but, oh well. Just giving you a heads-up.

Getting error on nil variable after 1.5

I keep getting this error since 1.5. Only happens on the overworld map but it's frequent and annoying.

Lua error, superload/mod/class/Actor.lua:115: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'prodigy_total' (a nil value)

I tried to fix it myself by inserting

if not self.prodigy_total then self.prodigy_total = 0 end

before the affected line, but then I get an invalid hash error. Can you look into sanity checking that variable?

    • EDIT **

I think it's a conflict on my end. Its only happening on one character, so I think I'm just going to disable it on that char and move on. The sanity check above wouldn't hurt, though. It fixed my problem, tho it invalidated the hash.

Slight issue, the mod

Slight issue, the mod actually messes with stuff even if you don't change anything from the default settings.
Without mod on:
With mod on:
As seen through the Talent Point Planner addon.


I've uploaded a fix. The issue was with the level 50 rewards, which had the wrong amounts. I've also fixed a potential issue when leveling beyond 50.

Tried the new version, can

Tried the new version, can confirm it works as it should. Thanks for the prompt fix.

Though in my last comment, I forgot to mention another bug, it looks like this addon messes with the Talent Point Planner addon. What's outlined is what the planner addon usually shows, the yellow/green numbers being how much you plan to invest into those skills. Those numbers don't show up if your addon is active. Not a big deal, but it's a bug so I figured I'd point it out.

Talent Planner Fix

This should be solvable by loading talent planner after ALU. Talent planner adds new things to generateList while keeping the old things the same. ALU modifies the original generateList to allow for customizable stat maximums.

Ah, alright then, sorry.

Ah, alright then, sorry.

Permission Needed

I think I can safely include the relevant code in my superload to make it work, but I would need (or at least want, I haven't checked their license) permission from the talent planner addon maker.

something may be wrong?

So the add-on does show the options in the menu, but doesn't take effect. It might be an add-on conflict, but I am not seeing anything obvious.

Edit: The experience bonus works, but the rest doesn't. That doesn't say a lot, but now you know where to look?

Not working

All categories work for me. Either there is a bug that doesn't show up with my set up or you have an addon conflict. I use this with about 40 other add ons (I have way to many) and it works so I'm not sure what could be causing it. Try turning on dev mode, creating a test character, setting all the modifiers to 2 and turning on semi god mode. Then see if you are gaining the points correctly. Also I've never tested this on a game started without the addon so that could be the problem.
If it still doesn't work could you tell me what addons you use?
Edit: Also, the bonuses aren't retroactive so if you change the options partway through a game it will only effect level gained after the change.
Edit2: I suspect another addon is superloading levelup() in actor.lua. The xp boost is through worthExp(target) while the others are through levelup(). If an addon superloads levelup() but not worthExp(target) it would explain your problem. I could try boosting the addon's weight to give priority to its superload of levelup(). Please say which addons you have so I can look into it.

so many addons

It must have been an addon conflict. I changed some and it's working fine now


If another addon changes onStatChange (from actor.lua) it will cause some settings to have reduced effect.