Weaver Class

Weaver Class

Adds Weaver class.

Weaver is a Wilder subclass, a resilient unarmed combatant with emphasis of moving around strategically through their set-up battlefield. Their skill sets revolve around arachnids. Laying webs, injecting enemies with poison, beating enemies with your limbs, creating cocoon for later consumption, and more! Their talents mainly uses equilibrium, have huge equilibrium demand yet heavy hitting, and moderate-long cooldown. Some even needs "special charge" to use. So if you decide to become one of the weaver, make sure to use your talents and resources wisely!

They get access to:
wild-gift: call of the wild (general)
wild-gift: harmony (general) (locked)
technique: combat training (general)
wild-gift: fungus (general)
wild-gift: weaver anatomy (general)
wild-gift: threads and webs (class)
wild-gift: dance of the Weaver (class)
wild-gift: cocoon utilization (Class) (locked)
wild-gift: chitin (class) (locked)
cunning: tactical (class)
cunning: dirty fighting (class) (locked)

Here are some brief overview of their unique talent categories.

wild-gift: weaver anatomy
Their arachnid nature starts to take shape, modifying their body and giving them the resilience, agility, wisdom, and abilities of a spider.They will even grow spider legs!

wild-gift: threads and webs
As spider would, they grow accustomed in the art of threads and webs. They can trap and disarm their preys, cut them with threads, and eventually encasing them in a cocoon.

wild-gift: dance of the Weaver
These are some of the technique of prey hunting. Begin with an ambush, revel in "the circle of life", hasten their prey to "sleep" with specialized moves, and disable the prey's most annoying sustains!

wild-gift: cocoon utilization
Cocoon is an important resource for the weaver. The liquefied prey inside a cocoon are very nutritious and versatile to use beside hunger filling. The cocoon can nourish the weaver, converted to chemical weapon, and even storing genetic material for backup and cloning.

wild-gift: chitin
The thick and strong chitin exoskeleton of the weaver. This gives the weaver their grit and protection against enemies with various means.

While surviving as a young weaver may be difficult, an adult weaver can instantly decimate smaller preys and render tougher preys unable to act and succumb to weaver's slyness and voracity.

Post Note: We are highly looking forward for you to become one of the weaver and take part on the hunt for preys!. Please leave reviews, comments, and certainly bug reports! Happy hunting, Weaver!
-shade n bros

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