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  • Phantom Warrior Class   17 weeks 2 days ago

    I'm enjoying PW a lot.
    Also, Since before I rolled a phantom myself, I had the addon unlocked for ~~20h of gameplay. Many times encountered rares/randboses with its class/talents; all perished without much retailiation, with a resemblance to a boss-rankd mold or a mouse. No clone ever sighted, nor its big dmg! Might be a good idea to blocking the enemies from rollings PW categories until its fixed.

  • Player Profile never updates   17 weeks 2 days ago

    I think something like this also happened to me last year where my profile stopped updating and it eventually fixed itself.

  • Player Profile never updates   17 weeks 4 days ago

    My profile won't update as well, just "awaiting recalculation". You can go to the Bugs forum section and double on the corresponding topic, cause it's thin (2 messages). Maybe with some additional thiccness someone will notice us.

  • Player Profile never updates   17 weeks 5 days ago

    The downloadable windows no music 172 version seriously bugged out, not recognizing many of the icons or the abilities assigned to them. AND the site did not update properly either. So it isn't because of Steam.

  • Player Profile never updates   17 weeks 5 days ago

    Mine hasn't updated in almost a year. I've been using the steam version for many years.

  • Chicken Man:Tales of Middle Chicken:Legends of Chicken-fu:The last Chicken Benders   17 weeks 5 days ago

    New to modding,so may suck lots,but hope you like it!

  • Player Profile never updates   17 weeks 5 days ago

    I also play on Steam. Could be that. My achievements have no updated either. Not a big deal but would be cool to have it reflect reality.

  • Player Profile never updates   17 weeks 6 days ago

    Last connection: 2016-12-28 16:00:54. That's what mine says :D
    Maybe because I'm playing through steam?

  • want DL t-engine 1.2.5   18 weeks 15 hours ago

    I have also been looking for something older than 1.4 so I can go back and maybe run some farportals on my old file to remember and enjoy him, but I can't find the proper t-engine version either. I think I will try and see if I can DM on discord, as I tried a private message on the forums and got no response.

  • Cleaner Item Descriptions   18 weeks 19 hours ago

    With the update, I now see the red and the Cooldown lines.

    Many thanks!

  • Cleaner Item Descriptions   18 weeks 20 hours ago

    I've uploaded a new version that should fix both of these issues.
    'Heavy Armor Training' and other special requirements should show up in red if you don't meet them, even if you do meet the stat requirements.
    Cooldowns are now visible in Inscription tooltips normally.

    Thanks for bringing them up!

  • Cleaner Item Descriptions   18 weeks 1 day ago

    Should it show in description when I can't wear heavy armor, like iron boots, due to not having the requisite heavy armor skill? Granted, 99% of the time, I should know I can't wear metal.

    It does show a red missed req of "Massice Armor Training" on a character that has heavy armour training 1.

    Cooldowns are not shown for inscriptions and runes (outside the title of the item when it does show CD except for starting). This is more when I have Zizzo's "Enhanced Object Compare" addon active as well; I can't compare cooldown while I can compare other values. Can it?

  • Phantom Warrior Class   18 weeks 1 day ago

    Good suggestion - added exotic weapons mastery and staff mastery as inheritable talents.

  • Modify Prodigies   18 weeks 1 day ago

    Major changes to:
    1.Arcane Might: all your weapon damage modifier is converted into arcane /// your APR is increased by 100% of your magic ///weapon always treated as arcane dmg /// +25arcane dmg/respen
    2.Mind Tyranny: Mind attack cannot be resisted by a mental save anymore /// any foe who fails to resist your mind attack will suffer 20% more dmg and may get brainlocked for 2 turns on critical strike
    3.TotT: when holding a dagger in your offhand, inflcting dmg to a target in sight makes you deal additional (xx) phys dmg
    4.undomitable, or w/e mental effect prodigy is called: a revamp into Determination; increases duration of beneficial effects and reduces duration of harmful effects by 25%+1 rounded up
    5.antimagic aura (+%AMshield before):) an aura surrounds you in radius 4, decreasing SP and casting speedd by 20%, increasing mind speed by 20%. You may activate it to make this aura explode in radius 10, doubling the effect for 5 turns and restore 10 equil for each effect applied. Additionally AMS costs no time to use.

    Might've skipped smth, I don't know all of the prodigies that well to tell a difference. What Ive found are moreless reaesonable changes to unuse or underperforming prodigies, 3/5

  • Phantom Warrior Class   18 weeks 2 days ago

    First I want to say that I think this is a really neat addon, and I appreciate you making it. I was wondering if it would be possible to allow phantoms to inherit Exotic Weapons Mastery too. I wanted to play the class using tridents to get closer to the Phantom Lancer feel, but it doesn't seem the phantoms can benefit from the mastery.

  • True Respec   19 weeks 19 hours ago

    When I go to the prodigy selection screen and click on a Prodigy, I get this error until I disable the addon:

    Lua Error: .../addons/true-respec/superload/mod/dialogs/UberTalent.lua:41: bad argument #2 to 'format' (no value)
      At [C]:-1 
      At [C]:-1 format
      At .../addons/true-respec/superload/mod/dialogs/UberTalent.lua:41 use
      At /mod/dialogs/UberTalent.lua:241 on_use
      At /mod/dialogs/elements/TalentGrid.lua:126 onUse

  • Phantom Warrior Class   19 weeks 1 day ago

    Glad you liked it! I was dreading there will be a lot of Lua errors due to creating clones (and creating an addon for the first time). I've run into plenty when I was creating and testing the class myself but they might have been fixed along the way.

    The class was designed to be quite strong on Insane, but it may start by being a bit weak. When I tried it, it seems to struggle in some of the T2 when the phantoms got cleared by AOEs, but once the gears are more online and the phantom's HP and resistance become significant the class seems to steamroll most of the late-game dungeons.

  • Phantom Warrior Class   19 weeks 1 day ago

    Played a bit of this yesterday, it's really quite fun. Haven't gotten very far into the run yet, but so far no lua errors or any other obvious bugs. Managing your phantoms creates some nice positioning play and adds a nice layer of complexity to the class. Feels perhaps a bit strong, but I'm not sure how much of that is your class and how much is just the Chronomancer generic trees.

    Great work!

  • Possess Everyone   19 weeks 5 days ago

    No problem. These aren't really message boards to be checking a lot. Thanks for the reply. I think I'll be starting up a new possessor soon to track down a couple unique bosses that annoyed me by being immune, like the Devouring Darkness one. (The Mouth is no big deal. I wouldn't possess it anyway because, as far as I can tell, the Mouth has literally no innate way to move, either by walking or blinking, so you'd need a rune or item just to blink around.)

  • Possess Everyone   19 weeks 5 days ago

    It allows you, at the highest rank of Possess, to possess all ranks of enemies, including Elite Bosses. It doesn't work on a couple who are hardcoded to be immune to possession, like The Mouth.

    Sorry for the late reply.

  • Mirrorblade   19 weeks 5 days ago

    In battle with Sand Queen and main dies, switching me to twin.

    I just noticed their health really high and see that Keepers of Reality Rally Call is still active on them.

    Mind you, not complaining on the +5K life and +300% damage ;)

    ETA: I made the character prior to your update.
    ETA2: Which you fixed per your notes in the forum. :)

  • Mirrorblade   20 weeks 2 hours ago

    when restarting premade character,, suddenly got loads of errors while I waited for twin to appear. Also, honestly don't see much point in it: trading TW flexibility for what? Ability to use more blades at high levels? Or what?

  • Possess Everyone   20 weeks 10 hours ago

    Does this add-on remove level restrictions for possessing more powerful enemies or does it allow you to possess previously un-possessable Elite Bosses and summoned enemies/allies?

  • The Ruined   20 weeks 20 hours ago

    Any plans to update this to current version there were changes to sustain stuff that will likely break this for the current version.

  • My First Quest as a new adventurer: Killing the Lone Wolf   20 weeks 1 day ago

    Was he a Grey Wolf or a Siberian Wolf?