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  • Barachi -- Playable Race   22 weeks 6 days ago

    Hi, Frog!

  • Wanderer pick 1 in 3 talent choice (fork)   22 weeks 6 days ago

    Since the original creator of the 3-in-1 addon hasn't updated their addon at all, some feedback :

    - Let this Wanderer start with shoot and APE stuff. Note that all the wanderer balance changes or "play with stuff that is normally locked" addons do not work with wanderer X-in-1 because they are different classes.

    - Do wanderer 2-in-1 since 3-in-1 is actually way too powerful (doing ID custom difficulty inbetween insane and madness with hunter enabled and I can regularly get to lvl50+ with most wanderer 3-in-1s).

    - Having having some of the trees be random defeats the point of a seed, and accomplishes the same task as repopulating the list. People will want to have the same trees on consecutive tries or share a seed with others for them to try out. If users want something new, they'll generate a new seed. If users want to retry the same setup with an existing seed, randomization prevents them from doing so.

    - Wanderer 3-in-1 will frequently have the same tree show up later if you didn't take it. Not too sure if your addon accounts for this in regards to moving something to the back of the list or randomization. I've never been able to get far enough to tell but the actual randomized list may be coded to be infinite but taking out duplicates or previously chosen when a list selection is generated.

    - Have an inherent 0.2 resource regen for all resources like quicktome addon suite used to do. This is much less buggier than giving you talents like resourceful wanderer does (some sort of resource gain independent of the tree selection is necessary, especially with regards to souls/insanity/equilibrium).

    - The old weekly adventurer addon, which was random adventurer trees from a seed (which is where wanderer class idea came from) automatically unlocked various mastery trees for you if you don't already have them. Perhaps do the same here? Would incentivize mindpower/archery/sling/shield trees more often, which at the present moment are effectively duds.

    - Remove the "you'll learn these trees as you level up" that occasionally pops up with the normal wanderer. This breaks the wanderer X-in-1 addons because the popup to select which talent tree is given, then you are just, given that tree for free. So sometimes you'd end up with 5 more trees than you should have.

  • Greenwatch   22 weeks 6 days ago

    It's probably this line in superload/mod/class/interface/Archery.lua :

    return base_archery_projectile(self, tx, ty, tg, self, tmp)

    Since base_archery_projectile is an alias for archery_projectile and it doesn't make much sense to have "self" twice as an argument I think it should be this instead:

    return base_archery_projectile(tx, ty, tg, self, tmp)

     (the same line is also in your other addon "now you see me")

    Edit : Nevermind, It's normal LUA syntax.
    Guess I'm too used to other languages.

  • Item Description Filter Plus   23 weeks 6 hours ago

    Huge quality of life upgrade.

  • Perfect Perfection   24 weeks 16 hours ago

    This add-on would be even more amazing for Adventurers. I'm currently in playing an Adventurer and can't retroactively add this mod, but it's definitely going on the next one I start/

  • Playable Naloren Race   24 weeks 3 days ago

    I've made a quick update to the addon to allow Naloren to leave and return at will, letting them complete the starting dungeon when and if they wish. Note, bonus options at the Exotic shop still require the quest to be complete.

  • Playable Naloren Race   25 weeks 30 sec ago

    I agree with Dadlun.
    there's only 3 levels in the initial dungeon, PC must fight the boss on character level 2(or 3) when the boss is level 8.
    The fight is unwinnable for most classes, while the boss may get some random artifacts(like Fall of Kor'Pal staff) and do 200+ dps, make the situation even worse.
    The only solution is to ask Aidelon to transport the character to the global map, which use a "bug" to get out.
    There's two ways to get with it.
    1. make the inital dungeon larger and get the PC to character level 5 or above to fight the boss.
    2. allow PC get out to finish original dungeons and get back later.

  • Gnomes   26 weeks 14 hours ago

    Just remove the two lines labeled "Safety net" in the golemancy.lua
    they were here to prevent crash while testing but should not have been in the file I gave you.
    (right now they only prevent classes that don't start with golem from learning golemancy.)

  • Skirmisher Evolutions   26 weeks 14 hours ago

    Looks like I screwed up and gave Werekracken the golemancy.lua I used for testing instead of the final one.

  • Tome ru (Русификатор, бета версия)   26 weeks 14 hours ago

    Там только классы, и то не все. Лор вообще не переведён, но я в этом смысле пользуюсь переводом по картинке.
    Параметры переведены и почти все предметы, но тоже не все.

  • Skirmisher Evolutions   26 weeks 1 day ago

    Without Greenwatch and Banished, I was able to bomb sling. It looks like it's the Gnomes race addon of all things that's messing with refit golems. It was one of the last I checked, cause I thought it was so unlikely compared to Mannendrake's Escort fork, Revamped Skirm, or Arcanum. Used a cornac and Vexamen's Adjustable Levelup to quickly run through the levels for testing.

  • Skirmisher Evolutions   26 weeks 2 days ago

    I had some time to test it out and was not able to reproduce the issue. I tested with the addons I know deal with archery stuff, Greenwatch, Banished, and Revamp Skirmisher, but still didn't have any problem with the proc.

    My golem appeared as expected when I learned the first talent in Golemancy, so no issue there, either.

    I'd say an addon conflict is still the most likely problem, but with the likely suspects eliminated, I couldn't even guess what it might be.

    If you can narrow it down to some specific situation or a particular addon, I can try to poke around more.

  • Skirmisher Evolutions   26 weeks 3 days ago

    Given that Banished (iirc) uses no overloads, no intrusive hooks and no superloads (apart from adding a weapon mastery), I'd suspect Greenwatch. Test Banished as well, though, making sure never hurts.

  • Skirmisher Evolutions   26 weeks 4 days ago

    You should automatically learn Refit Golem when you take the evolution, along with the Interact with Golem talent. You may need to check your spellbook if they aren't placed on your bar automatically.
    Bomb slinging worked as intended in testing, not sure what the issue could be. I can take a look, though. Any other addons running, maybe one that might affect weapon swapping or ranged weapon/ammo?

    Edit: I believe I found your toon, out if the active addons I would suspect possibly Greenwatch or Banished may be conflicting, but I'll still take a look when get time.

    Thanks for trying out the addon :)

  • Skirmisher Evolutions   27 weeks 1 hour ago

    Crystalslinger doesn't seem to be working as intended, there doesn't appear to be a way to summon the golem, and it doesn't appear after changing maps either. Also, the proc for the throwing bombs consumes gems from offhand but doesn't actually throw them, it spams the log with "you need to ready alchemist gems in your quiver" but there's no damage in the log. Otherwise, I really like it!

  • Greenwatch   27 weeks 12 hours ago

    I just found that shoot lua error only appears when using both this addon and Recaiden's Class: Wisp addon.

  • Mage Knight   27 weeks 4 days ago

    Additionally, experienced defense and endurance don't actually have the special effects they claim to have.

  • ToME Russian translation (Русский перевод)   27 weeks 4 days ago

    Ты просто офигеннен.
    Меня поразило то что ты не тупо перевёл, а сохранил стилистику, характер персонажей, а ещё и грамотно перевёл различные стихи (переводить стихи это вообще жопа, надо не только сохранять смысл, но и поддерживать рифму со слогом, что может быть очень тяжело учитывая различие в длине и окончаниях слов)

  • Greenwatch   29 weeks 6 days ago

    Bother. I honestly don't know why this is happening; it's never shown up on my game. I don't have Embers of Rage, which might have something to do with it. I'll see if I can learn anything.

  • Greenwatch   29 weeks 6 days ago

    I'm glad you're enjoying it. Sorry I'm only intermittently around to answer questions and whatnot... =)

  • Greenwatch   29 weeks 6 days ago

    Thanks for letting me know about that. I will put in something to fix that in the next update.

  • Class: Wisp   30 weeks 5 days ago

    This is not mentioned in the description, so I presume it's a bug. It is also extremely annoying (not to mention deadly) if an enemy spawns with high-level wisp talents, because each one is a big ball of damage halving and pin.

  • Auto Talent Assistant   31 weeks 14 hours ago

    This seems to happen pretty frequently whenever I am using the addon: when I enter an area (especially Last Hope) I will sometimes get a popup saying the save file is broken and I have to force quit. And then there is a positive chance that I would fail to reload.

  • Spell Merchants   31 weeks 4 days ago

    I remember someone else mentioned this issue, they said they were able to get around them by using the pickaxe. When I'm able to get back to work on this addon, I'll see about changing his spawning.

  • Greenwatch   31 weeks 5 days ago

    I see you did an update and I re-enabled the addon after the update and started a new character. But it seems the issue with the shoot generating lua errors is still there.