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  • Dread Necromancer   23 weeks 6 days ago

    The Corpselight visual effect is really difficult to see anything under.

  • Faerie Race Temp Fix   23 weeks 6 days ago

    I replaced Fey Clones with Fey Luck to stop the apparent clone bug. I know exactly enough Lua to know to not bother trying to fix the clone process to stop the infinite clones as it is beyond my skill level. Instead I mostly replaced it wholesale with the equal Light Faerie perk and commented out the original perk.

    Edit: Have for a forum thread.

  • Faerie Race   24 weeks 3 hours ago

    Fan-made 6.0.1 Infinite Clone Blues Temp Fix
    I replaced Fey Clones with Fey Luck to stop the apparent clone bug. I know exactly enough Lua to know to not bother trying to fix the clone process to stop the infinite clones. Instead I mostly replaced it wholesale with the equal Light Faerie perk and commented out the original perk.

  • What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!   24 weeks 1 day ago

    DarkGod... DarkGod...

    You are a master when we are speaking about your game. But... I am sorry... You are not so good with your marketing talents :-p.

    No news for 6 month. And then you publish a Giant post with at least 5 huge news (1.6, Annihilator, (microtransactions), new DLC, Engine)...

    You could have published 1 news/month since November 2018.

    Still, I am really happy to hear from you. I too was thinking that tome was maybe not updated anymore...

    (And it's even more important on steam. With all the "abandonwares" there , steam users are now used to check the news/forum to see if the dev are still alive/active or not, before buying something. I never thought that a game like TOME with such a high evaluation score could be "Non suggested" by steam.... It's crazy... Such a great great game).

  • Start Selector   24 weeks 2 days ago

    I've added Blighted Ruins and Reknor; both areas change your faction when chosen. Elven starter zones could be added, but, as they are already accessible to all, there would not be much point. Adding zones from other addons might be possible, largely depending on the weight of the addon, but I don't have much interest in doing so. Anyone who wants to do that is absolutely welcome to fork this add-on and use it as a base, though.

  • What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!   24 weeks 3 days ago

    When I play infinite dungeon,

    Buff-removing/ effect-removing talents are just too powerful at high level(80+)

    Regardless of how many buffs I have, they just vaporize with enemy's disperse magic. And my poor naked character dies in few turns.

    Same as antimagic talents.

    I think Disperse magic/Entropy or similor talents should be subject of saving, and ther effect should be nerfted at high level .
    because they eliminate conterplay

  • Spell Merchants   24 weeks 3 days ago

    Yeah, go ahead and perfect the add-on for the main campaign, especially since that's the most commonly played (ID is an acquired taste, really.) Oddly, though I'm not sure how helpful this information might be, certain monsters can be spawned as neutral to you for no reason I can discern -- lesser demons and lesser horrors, generally. It's quite the conundrum to run into a group of wretchlings or luminous horrors where two are neutral and won't attack unless you attack and one is hostile and your best attack is an area spell. The neutral ones won't attack the hostile ones but they will get hostile to you if you damage them. So non-hostiles are theoretically possible in the ID. But, as I said, don't tear your hair out over the ID. I'm glad you tried. I'm not sure why you couldn't find shops, though. Not every level has them, but after three or four levels, you should have seen at least one. They're in the walls, and if you have Zomnibus, you can clear the level and Find Landmark to see if you passed by a shop without noticing.

    One suggestion -- either remove stone alchemy or make it much more expensive than the others, because for an initial investment of 600 gold and three or four generic points, a player can quickly afford pretty much everything else. Granted, you can get that with an alchemist escort, but that at least isn't guaranteed and even if you get one, you aren't guaranteed to keep the sucker alive.

    Edit: Just realized a certain bit of information could be helpful -- you literally get almost *everything* popping up as enemies in ID, out-of-zone, out-of-depth, Bosses that normally only appear at the end of certain zones in the main campaign (the Master, the Rhaloren Inquisitor, etc) and so on. That includes creatures that normally appear only in town, like town guards and other miscellaneous sorts. I've killed quite a few Sunwall types in the ID, so those are generated as hostile.

  • Spell Merchants   24 weeks 4 days ago

    Okay, I met Zemek on a Temporal Rift level in ID (same basic layout and topographical features as the first level of the temporal rift in Daikara. ) He seemed inexplicably angry with me -- he shouted "You there!" and attacked. Luckily, he was a one-hit kill. AFAIK, I didn't do anything to him. I just walked around a corner and he was already pissed off at me. He did happen to be right next to a dreaming horror, though I couldn't see how that would be relevant. He was Faction: Enemies (hostile, -100) and Personal Reaction: hostile, -100. I had killed other monsters on the level but hadn't killed any of the dream seeds and didn't kill anything in his LOS. Maybe the nature of the ID automatically generates him as a monster/enemy? The quest for that level was killing a dreaming horror Boss (a different dreaming horror, actually -- there were *three* dreaming horrors on that level, which is a pretty rare sight, thankfully.) I mention this because some quests are "Extermination," which means killing every single enemy on the level; had that been the quest, I wouldn't have been surprised that Zemek would be generated as hostile. But it wasn't, so there's probably some other reason involved here.

    (Re my last comment, I forgot to tell you that the Lost Arcane Vendor sells staves and wands, just so you know what kind of goods are associated with the merchant that sells the spells and trees in the ID.)

  • What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!   24 weeks 6 days ago

    Well you can do a 100€ donation right now if you wish and buy stuff with the voratun coins as they release:)
    And no we cant release all packs at once for the simple reason they take time to make :)

  • What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!   24 weeks 6 days ago

    Any chance I can just fork over lets say $100 or something now and get a "season pass" for the cosmetics? I wanna get that out of the way and then just continue supporting you by buying every new expansion twice over steam and GOG like I have been doing since embers.

    On a serious note, don't mind packs but for convenience I would appreciate the option of getting all available packs upfront than slowly getting them. But then again there is this game called Logistical on steam that offers an all-in-one pack where you can buy all available DLCs at the current point in time at a discounted price. Once you purchased that pack, the other DLCs released in the future can be purchased at a discount through how steam offers you discounted price for completing their bundles.

    At the end of the day, whatever the price may be as long as it isn't predatory then I will support you all the way since your releases have always been high quality content that gives bang for your buck.

  • Rest to a limited mana percentage   24 weeks 6 days ago

    How do i use this addon? What key shortcut should i use to change percentage?

  • Nihgtmare clear is near   25 weeks 15 hours ago


  • Nihgtmare clear is near   25 weeks 15 hours ago

    I did win nightmare game. So long...for 2 years. And now insane is waiting.

  • What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!   25 weeks 17 hours ago

    Aww thanks :) And it is not going to be a MTX per cosmetic item, that'd be silly :) It's a MTX per pack of cosmetic items; like say the pyromaniac pack with one or more cosmetic item per item types, plus a few other things sometimes like new hairs, beards, ... I'm not sure on the price yet; ideas welcome :)

  • Better Sandworm Lair   25 weeks 1 day ago

    Honestly, this approach solves the Sandworm Lair problem way better than my initial move of setting the terrain to revealed.

  • Spell Merchants   25 weeks 1 day ago

    Can't remember my Steam name/password, so I'm posting here with the understanding that you can't reply (at least not until DG fixes your commenting problem) ID levels generally have between 0-3 shops. They're just like shops in town -- none of them involve free-standing characters, just shop icons you move into and get a series of options (or just a list of their wares if they don't offer any services except selling their stuff.) They have fairly generic names like Lost Destructive Devices, Arcane Vendor, Lost Sniper, Lost Alchemist (I'm looking at that last one right now) etc. I'm pretty sure the name of the seller of all the trees was just Lost Arcane Vendor. I haven't seen such services in any other shop except Destructive Devices, and, I think, the Lost Sniper shop, and they offered the generic Combat tree, just like you can get in Last Hope or basic use of bows and slings at the Sniper, both of which were at the same prices as Last Hope. The basic spell trees were offered at 100 apiece, with 500 to unlock, so I assume the combat stuff comes from the main game rather than your add-on, if that information helps you narrow down the mechanism.

    (I don't know how much you've played the ID, so if you already know this stuff about the mechanics of the ID, I apologize. )

    EDIT: Finally found another Lost Arcane Vendor. As a frame of reference: the character is a mindslayer, with no magical ability whatsoever. The options are: stone alchemy, arcane, aether, aegis, element air, element fire, element earth, element water, teleportation, advanced elemental spells, alchemy, necromancy. Everything up until advanced elemental spells is 100 to get category, 500 to unlock, 750 to refine. Advanced elemental just tells me he can't teach me that. Alchemy directs me to the hermit. Necromancy directs me to pale-skinned lady (Celia, I'm guessing?)

  • What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!   25 weeks 1 day ago

    I am really against microtransactions and whatnot but this game is just too great not to support. I am personally indifferent when it comes to the item vault but I wouldn't mind forking out additional cash in support for cosmetics granting that they will be sold in a pack. Like lets say 10 cosmetic stuff for $5 or something like that rather than individually like you get this hat for 50 voratun coins and this armour for 500 coins. To be honest I would personally give a huge sum upfront rather than trickled in microtransactions.

    Other than that I am so happy to finally hear some news. I am looking forward for the next expansion. I also hope there is a chance that this can get ported to switch. Like this would be so awesome on the go.

  • Spell Merchants   25 weeks 2 days ago

    Since you don't list it as completed, I think you may have inadvertently actually created a mechanism that works in the ID. I stopped by an arcane vendor and he (or she) had the basic elemental spells (air, fire, earth, and water) available for learning/upgrading. There was also an option for advanced elemental spells that he wasn't willing to teach me even though I had well in excess of 1500 gp. The alchemy and necromancy offers just told me to go to (place, I don't recall) to learn those.

    I'm pretty sure I've covered what happened accurately. Unfortunately, the character died and I restarted it as a new character before I remember to write down what happened. I'm still doing ID, so I'll keep an eye out for another arcane vendor. Honestly, I would double the prices. Lots of character classes end up with plenty of spare points without a necessary tree to use them on, especially generic points. Melee classes tend to do that more than magic/mental ones, too, and they're the ones that would get the most use out of spells, so it's sort of doubling up in the advantage they have. (And you can get extra points by doing level-specific quests in ID, which also factors in.) Raising the prices a bit seems to be the best way to get the balance right.

    Not that I minded being able to add four categories of spells in one fell swoop.

  • Thiiraz the invulnerable   25 weeks 2 days ago


  • Addons Contest 2014   25 weeks 2 days ago


  • What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!   25 weeks 2 days ago

    I like it :)

  • What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!   25 weeks 3 days ago

    I'm not in a position to donate or anything, but I just want to say to you DarkGod, you're awesome keep up the good work.

    I can't think of many developers with such a decent stance on p2w and treating players fairly, communicating with audience, updating the base games /and/ expansions for no extra fee, etc.

    You're doing a great job, despite difficulties you may be having in life, and that should be recognised!

  • Air Archer   25 weeks 3 days ago

    This is just cheat (2.0 strength masteries, actual archer stuff, +50 HP per level...) modification of Zephyr that requires the original be present (Air Archer only has the class definition, not the code that makes the talents actually work). Not sure why Zephyr itself is missing from the addons list, might be a simple glitch, but I suspect this is at fault: either someone mistook which way the copypaste goes, or the real author did not like this.

  • What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!   25 weeks 5 days ago

    Super stoked for all of this. I hadn't given up on you yet, but I was wondering why you'd been so quiet :)

  • What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!   25 weeks 5 days ago

    >just a wee bit more complex than your usual phone game