Auto Talent Assistant

Auto Talent Assistant

Chinese tutorial
You can use translation software to read, maybe

End-game video
(The entire process of using the addon was recorded)

Simple example video

The interface description is a little bit more detailed

In the game, if you open the edit panel to update the function, you will not report an error. The bug of judging skill conditions has been fixed (now the release conditions of the same skill in and out of combat will no longer interfere with each other)
This time, some things have been updated and the previous code structure has been changed. It should be the first and last time
Therefore, to use version 2.0.0, a new game must be opened, and the old game must use the previous version

The content of this update is still in the video link, starting from p23

Improve automatic combat and automatic Z, and add "duration of armistice determination" to be set
Quick setting to turn on SuS talent during resting
Z ignores special terrain
restCD default 100~100, but 1~100 if CD>xx (default 30)
Right talent can see THE ID, but also can switch automatically; An option to disable Auto Combat and Auto Z has been added to the panel; Automatic Z is no longer forced, and stopping is much easier

Auto Talent Assistant on Steam's Workshop
See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Simply amazing

I don't know if I'll even continue to play tome4 without this addon. It completely eliminates the most boring part of the game, cleaning mobs while pressing Z mindlessly, leaving only the challenging fights to the players. In the author's video, it shows the entire game can be completed on insane using this addon with minimal user intervention. There's a bit of learning to do to make the addon work (and would become a little bit more challenging if you don't know Chinese). But it is definitely worth it.
The addon is extremely powerful and customizable. For me, I've found the following basic settings work well in most scenarios:

"Assistant move" talent is a must-set for both melee and ranged characters. For melee, if you just want to bump attack mobs, just set the target to be "nearest enemy". For ranged, set the target to "self", so you will just wait a turn when there's nothing else to do. In most cases, you should set a high priority value (corresponding to actually low priority, which is counter intuitive).

In "Combat" at the bottom row, you can specify conditions you want the automation to stop. The conditions can be specified as a tree with branches indicating "logical and" or "or" (I'm not sure about the more complicated ones). I usually just put the stopping condition to be "health reaches 90%" and "mana reaches 30%" (equivalent for other resources). You'll want to be conservative here. I sometimes also add conditions such as "more than 4 negative effects". For specific statuses, "Warnings" will cover them.

In "Warnings", tick stun/freeze/confused/slow etc. This means when you get one of these statuses the automation will pause. In "Settings", turn on "ignore lore", "turn off default automatic".

Now to configure your talents, I found even just the "default" logic works well in most cases. For AoE I will change target to "most enemies", and for single target control/debuff talents I will change target to "nearest rare". Set the priorities accordingly.

There's a keyboard shortcut to stop the assistant (Ctrl + P on my PC) which is also handy.

I have found that using this addon makes me less likely to make stupid mistakes that lead to untimely deaths. If you want to be extra careful in "Combat" you can set a stopping criterion to include "there is a rare or unique within 10 squares" etc.


An English manual or at least a video tutorial would be better.
Installed, but nothing is clear, sorry.)

I use translation software

I use translation software for my English, but I've made a little video, so maybe you can use some of it

Part of the tutorial translation, translation is not finished

Nec full video

Part of the function sets recording