Auto Talent Assistant

Auto Talent Assistant

Chinese tutorial
You can use translation software to read, maybe

End-game video
(The entire process of using the addon was recorded)

Simple example video

The interface description is a little bit more detailed

fix bug
Improve the equipment management system
Judging the conditions of the kill can now be used in scoring systems
Added conditions for judging the difference in relative values, such as acc to def
Special judgments can be made to determine whether they are close to unsafe places
Conditional judgment, which adds a skill level judgment
Fixed several bugs in the SaveSyS
Equipment filter system added collecting breath
Added a random grid, which allows you to set the nearest and furthest random distances, in order to use talents that require targets when not in combat, such as NEC's Summon skull
增加了一个技能释放方式 —— 随机格子,可以设置最近最远随机距离,主要是为了在非战斗状态下使用一些需要目标的技能,例如NEC的召唤骷髅
AutoTimer adds a special timer "StopRest" that will StopRest when it is present
计时器 添加特殊计时器“StopRest”,当有它的时候会停止休息
The command team skill has been modified, when you order it to "anchor", its "anchor distance" is changed to 1, when you order it to target an enemy, its "anchor distance" is changed to 100

Add equipment filtering system, the button is in the upper right corner, after entering the middle of the HELP button to explain how to use. If you don't want to Filter the scores, you can do some simple filtering on the Filter button. After filtering is enabled, in the equipment view interface, you can get two ways to view equipment, one is to view the equipment combat attributes (but needs to score support), the other is to view the attributes of the equipment. After all, with this little system, you can filter out most of the junk you don't want to look at.
The equipment interface to view gems, provides a selling function, selling gems is no longer a headache.
A simple change to SimpleAI, which defaults to 0 as a command for all teammates. (Also, probably not many people have used it, because it tells the AI who to target based on the player's point of view, for example "all enemies" are enemies close to the player, so)
In the SimpleAI interface, there is an option to learn a skill, which makes it very convenient to command your teammates to fight, tell them who to attack or where to move (of course moving actually means "anchoning" to a certain location). Of course, you can't command what you can't command.
AI tactical talents,added an option to turn off all skills that are not set at once
- Added another movement skill, which is different from the previous movement skill, to solve the problem of not being able to find the path due to vision problems, such as the rogues who have no light but can see an enemy in the dark distance.
添加了另一个移动技能,和之前的移动技能有所不同,是为了解决因为视野问题导致无法寻路的问题,例如盗贼没有光照但是却可以看见黑暗的远方有个敌人 。

In the game, if you open the edit panel to update the function, you will not report an error. The bug of judging skill conditions has been fixed (now the release conditions of the same skill in and out of combat will no longer interfere with each other)
This time, some things have been updated and the previous code structure has been changed. It should be the first and last time
Therefore, to use version 2.0.0, a new game must be opened, and the old game must use the previous version

The content of this update is still in the video link, starting from p23
Improve automatic combat and automatic Z, and add "duration of armistice determination" to be set
Quick setting to turn on SuS talent during resting
Z ignores special terrain
restCD default 100~100, but 1~100 if CD>xx (default 30)
Right talent can see THE ID, but also can switch automatically; An option to disable Auto Combat and Auto Z has been added to the panel; Automatic Z is no longer forced, and stopping is much easier

Auto Talent Assistant on Steam's Workshop
See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Simply awesome

I am now playing this game like the first time. I always didn't enjoy some of the manual aspects of the ToME, but this solves it. Now I am playing "build your AI" and enjoying in immensely.

I have one major complaint though, which I would be very happy if you could resolve. Since I am always trying to go as complex and in depth as possible, it is very frustrating for me to go into each of the talents, each of the score systems individually, in order to save them. If you could do "save everything" button inside your class SaveSyS, that would be amazing. I tried to modify your code to do it, but failed.

Anyways, love this very much, thank you very much

one button "save everything"

one button "save everything" is difficult, I didn't expect to write so many features myself, so the whole code wasn't well planned from the start

Save file broken

This seems to happen pretty frequently whenever I am using the addon: when I enter an area (especially Last Hope) I will sometimes get a popup saying the save file is broken and I have to force quit. And then there is a positive chance that I would fail to reload.

Game breaking bug

It worked for a while, but now I have some bug which is making me unable to use any talents with a target. The error says something about a nil value in function useAutoTalent. This happens even when auto use is turned off.

More detailed BUG information

More detailed BUG information is required
How do you set up skills, preferably with screenshots
And a screenshot of the BUG or a log file (te4_log is the last one to report an error when the BUG is triggered) copy the text

Simply amazing

I don't know if I'll even continue to play tome4 without this addon. It completely eliminates the most boring part of the game, cleaning mobs while pressing Z mindlessly, leaving only the challenging fights to the players. In the author's video, it shows the entire game can be completed on insane using this addon with minimal user intervention. There's a bit of learning to do to make the addon work (and would become a little bit more challenging if you don't know Chinese). But it is definitely worth it.
The addon is extremely powerful and customizable. For me, I've found the following basic settings work well in most scenarios:

"Assistant move" talent is a must-set for both melee and ranged characters. For melee, if you just want to bump attack mobs, just set the target to be "nearest enemy". For ranged, set the target to "self", so you will just wait a turn when there's nothing else to do. In most cases, you should set a high priority value (corresponding to actually low priority, which is counter intuitive).

In "Combat" at the bottom row, you can specify conditions you want the automation to stop. The conditions can be specified as a tree with branches indicating "logical and" or "or" (I'm not sure about the more complicated ones). I usually just put the stopping condition to be "health reaches 90%" and "mana reaches 30%" (equivalent for other resources). You'll want to be conservative here. I sometimes also add conditions such as "more than 4 negative effects". For specific statuses, "Warnings" will cover them.

In "Warnings", tick stun/freeze/confused/slow etc. This means when you get one of these statuses the automation will pause. In "Settings", turn on "ignore lore", "turn off default automatic".

Now to configure your talents, I found even just the "default" logic works well in most cases. For AoE I will change target to "most enemies", and for single target control/debuff talents I will change target to "nearest rare". Set the priorities accordingly.

There's a keyboard shortcut to stop the assistant (Ctrl + P on my PC) which is also handy.

I have found that using this addon makes me less likely to make stupid mistakes that lead to untimely deaths. If you want to be extra careful in "Combat" you can set a stopping criterion to include "there is a rare or unique within 10 squares" etc.


An English manual or at least a video tutorial would be better.
Installed, but nothing is clear, sorry.)

I use translation software

I use translation software for my English, but I've made a little video, so maybe you can use some of it

Part of the tutorial translation, translation is not finished

Nec full video

Part of the function sets recording