OpenGL shaders bug Water everywhere on map

Hey, so i have this problem where there is water tiles all over the map, i think its a graphical glitch caused by OpenGL shaders, i dont know how to fix it and i dont want to disable it and lose the effects, i have an AMD graphics card. any help would be appreciated !

Try these suggestions

Here's a forum post with some suggestions for steps you can take to try to resolve the issue:

Already did

i already read that post but that fix only works for Nvidia graphics cards, i guess the only option left for me is to use the addon that only disables water shaders whilist keeping the rest enabled. Even though i like the animated water, i guess i can live without it. Hopefully Darkgod and the other devs will find a way to fix it in the next update.

I had this issue on my

I had this issue on my integrated graphics laptop. The addon worked fine, it only disables the water shader.

What actually fixed it for me was a shift to a Linux distro however. I'm not saying run a partician specifically for ToME, but it was most likely an obscure windows graphics driver issue.

Specifically Intel integrated

Specifically Intel integrated graphics driver

I don't have any guarantee

I don't have any guarantee this will fix your problem, but I've also heard that changing your tile size can fix the issue. Maybe not permanently, but more as a reload thing.