donation question

I donated 20 euros, but I found that the warehouse can only store three items and can no longer be collected. Is there any more detailed information?

I justed donated too. It took my money and didnt work

had 30 coins and bought 50 coins. But it automatcially purchased "Donator Status" for me, even though I didnt want that and never bought it. Leaving me with 20 coins.

so when going to buy a DLC expansion it just took my money and gave me an ingame hair color option instead

I am disappointed

It's a good game, it's a shame I may have to ask for a refund since no one reported it

Check your Steam forum post

Check your Steam forum post if ya haven't already

This case is mentioned in the

This case is mentioned in the FAQ

Tldr is that you can't buy the dlc's without owning the game

Discord? Forum?

Try to contact DG on Discord, he doesn't really frequent these blogs.

Also you can try to contact Moasseman through the forum, he might be able to help you contact DG.

PS here's a discussion already running in the forum, You might be able contact Moasseman through there, but please be patient. Discord might be your fastest bet to contact DG directly. :)