Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.5 "Before the Storm" is released!

My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.5 ! See http://te4.org/

This update fixes various things and most importantly provides new hooks and modding tools that are needed for Lost Land.

"But DarkGod please let us test Lost Land!" Actually this patch's main goal is just that! I'll wait a few days to see if nothing explodes with it and if all is good the testing will start!
Now, I already said it in the announcement of the beta but I want to make it crystal clear: Lost Land testing is *NOT* to be considered a way to get early access. It is likely to be full of bugs, unbalanced things, pain, sadness and tears. Things WILL explode and break, characters will be ruined (I mean, in a bad way) and so on. I urge you to not participate if this would feel bad for you. The only reasons I'm doing it are to see want exactly explode and to see if there is an interest for more public testing in the future.
And I will also re-iterate that the test will only be available from te4.org and not Steam or GOG (for the reasons listed above and because IIRC they don't do EA for DLCs anyway).
Now if you are still interested in testing, see ya in a few days! And if not, well I guess see ya in a few days anyway as you'll be able to get your fill of spoilers ;)

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( https://te4.org/donate ) or on Patreon ! And join up the official Discord server !

  • Add support for "_nt" for string localizations that should be translated even thoguh the engine does not need to do it instantly
  • Added BlightedSummoning:apply and BlightedSummoning:desc hooks to allow addons to change Blighted Summoning easily
  • Adventurers and Wanderers start with the Shoot talent known.
  • Alchemist's Drolems now have a basic moddable doll like the normal golem
  • Allow tilemaps to load a raw ASCII string
  • Allow Waters of Life to cleanse effects which could possibly reduce your heal mod to 0
  • Character sheet now displays the actual race name instead of the internal id
  • Chat files now support dynamic dialog entries
  • Clarify Shattering Blow shield removal description.
  • Clarify that only one shield is removed and chosen at random for Shattering Blow, Sunder Armour and Impale.
  • Correct Vim tooltip. (Vim gain is 1 + 50% Wil times creature rank, not 1 + 30% Wil times half creature rank)
  • Fix cursed aura bloating your savefile
  • Fix Purging Trap to not bypass silence immunity.
  • Fix so that premade characters now have a bonus zone correctly assigned
  • Fixed a bug preventing audio settings from saving correctly
  • Fixed copying characters links
  • Fixed Destalas Scales doll tiles
  • Fixed Rimebark's Grand Arrival cold resistance
  • Fixed Stormshield rune's numbers
  • Fixed underground mushrooms graphical error
  • Fixes an error with Fearscape
  • Garkul's Revenge correctly gives +20% damage against giant.
  • High Peak levels 1 to 4 now use cavern generator (with varying size on each level) instead of just level 1
  • Living lightning correctly works with Range Amplification Device
  • Makes combat tables for items refer back to their source item, for addons.
  • New hook "Chat:init"
  • New hook "Wanderer:learntCategory"
  • New moddable tile attachements: tail & behinds
  • Prevent Fallen Sun Paladins from spending 2 category points on a single Fallen category
  • Prevent Heroism lost life bonus from chaining infinitely.
  • Split the artifact creation code from the lost merchant chat file and added a hook "LostMerchant:artifactList" for better moddability
  • Swapped the orientation of some items images to be more consistent
  • Update Aura of Undeath description to specify that the inherited damage increase is based on your highest damage increase.
  • Update Call of the Ooze to check your number of total summons vs the limit allowed by Mitosis (Call of the Ooze's own limit is still checked in the action), so it can be used if you already have one or more oozes but do not have max summons or the max oozes allowed by mitosis.
  • Update Vault to check for a shield only. The action only uses the shield, so we don't need to check for sling and ammo as well.
  • Update Weapon of Light description to include the shield duration refresh.
  • Various typos, as usual since I can't type correctly :)

Have fun in Eyal!


More dark patches from DarkGod!

Problems with the new patch

The new patch isn't showing up in my launcher.



Item vault issue

For some reason ever since 1.7.5 patch many of my items won't transfer over and I get an error message saying "Server said: Unknown reason". I went to look at my item vault here on the website and two items I tried to transfer displayed as ? instead of having the typical item picture. Is there a way to fix this on my end?

Same issue here. I feel sad

Same issue here.
I feel sad to lose all of my prepared equipment for my next character.


same problem here. some but not all items lost

I'm also having item vault

I'm also having item vault issues, can't withdraw anything and anything I deposit just disappears and never goes to the vault

Also have issue with deposited items disappearing

I also have this issue with items deposited in the vault disappearing. All logs say everything was successful, I don't get any error messages, but the item does not show up in the vault or in my inventory. I have noticed that characters which I created in v1.7.4 of the game don't have this issue and can deposit items into the vault successfully. Only new characters I created in v1.7.5 have this issue.

Vault issue here too

In my case items I placed into the vault from 1.7.5 can't be retrieved. They show up on te4.org as being in the vault, but I can't retrieve them.

The vault fix requires a

The vault fix requires a patch, so it'll be fixed in 1.7.6 once that is pushed

thank you

thanx for the patch. it'll be most appreciated



  • Add support for "_nt" for string localizations that should be translated even thoguh the engine does not need to do it instantly

What's the use case for this? In particular, is this something that I as an addon/module developer will want or need to start using?