Discordant class (and friends) - enemy edition

Discordant class (and friends) - enemy edition

This is a fork of Rukaneo's Discordant and Friends, itself a fork of Vectorinox's Discordant and Friends. This fork removes the brakes on the original addon by allowing enemies to get all non-customer classes from this addon, and marks some of the most egregiously broken (on enemies) talents as enemy-unusable. Each class should now be a challenge to work around on enemies, rather than being literally unkillable (notably primitive and discordant).

----------- Original from Vectorinox

Add Discordant as playable psionic subclass. A psionic tank with death radius around them (think of Mindrot, but less sucky). Wins battle through attrition, melts trash mobs just by standing. Can also spam tele-frags if you feel like it.

Add Kudzu as playable wilder subclass. Invasive, annoying, and hard to get rid of. Master of crowd controls and area denials. Cover the world with fungus, lichens, moss, and kudzus.

Add Scorpion as playable rogue subclass. Stealthy brawler with poison fist. Pull in your enemy and dethrone them with chain of combos.

Add Critic as playable afflicted subclass. High-risk, high-reward, critical-centric class that use feedback pool as life. Overpower your enemy with overwhelming amount of Gestures, or die from receiving too much criticism.

Add Colossus as playable race. Artificial giant constructed by dwarves, has the same start location as dwarf. Durable race with some drawbacks. Also like gold.

This is a practice addon intended for personal use, but thank you if you decided to check it out anyway.

Bonus class: Primitive, master of bump-attack *joke class* -------------

This is my first ever addon I just simply updated Vectorinox's discordant patch for all the classes to 1.7.0 (espeically for all you critic users) as well giving an a slight buff to Scorpions hook
(lowered the cool down ) . I give full credits to Vectorinox for making this wonderful addon. So please enjoy. So I may not be able to fix the bugs that may occur in the future ]


Andrew Minton : Qlass Pack (used as base)
Vectorinox and his Discodant Class pack - https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/discordant


1.0.0:- Initial release
1.0.1:- Discord talent tree rework (AKA nerfs)
1.0.2:- Add colossus as playable giant race
1.0.3:- Add kudzu as playable wilder class
1.0.4:- Add scorpion as playable rogue class
1.0.5:- Buffed scorpion weak early game scaling
1.0.6:- Add critic as playable afflicted class
1.0.7:- Critique tree bugfix
1.0.8:- Counterargument bugfix
1.0.9:- Update and minor Scorpion Buff by Rukaneo
1.1.0: - Fixed the psionic storm bug for discordant

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Name Module Version Required Released File
graaaah 1.6.7 2022-11-12 21:43
no kudzu reflect 1.6.7 2022-11-11 12:29
fixed primitive unlearning 1.6.7 2022-11-11 05:24
so done 1.6.7 2022-11-08 01:24
nerfed enemy scorpions into the ground 1.6.7 2022-10-05 10:34
initial release 1.6.7 2022-10-01 23:28

Scorpion stealth bugged

Whenever i use the scorpions stealth skill and the turn it off the stealth never goes away and can be toggled to stack infinite stealth