Restart as Random

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Based on a request from YokuPlays.

Adds an option to the death menu to allow for instantaneous restarts as a random character, as though you had gone through the birth screen and mashed the Random button.

Twitch Menu Tweaks

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Based on a request from YokuPlays.

Removes several CRITICAL menu items from both the ingame escape menu, including options of various sorts, and the ability to gracefully quit the game. I repeat, loading this addon will substantially impact your ability to interact with the game's settings. Alt-F4 will still take you back to the main menu.

Also modifies the death dialogue to prevent some other avenues of possible shenanigans.

Educational "High" Level ToME Stream

HI! I'm San0ix/Yusunanyuri, I put way too much time in this game (like 400h) and I recently (today) started streaming ToME.
My goal is to help people improve at this game, so I'm trying to explain what I'm doing and why. You can also ask me questions about the game (about the class I'm playing right now or just ToME in general) and I will try to answer with the best of my knowledge :)
At the moment I'm playing a lot of Temporal Warden (before they get nerfed^^) and I'm currently finishing my Insane/Adventure run with one of them. After that I will be doing a Nightmare/Roguelike run with another Temporal Warden and try to explain everything in more detail.
So if you feel like it, come check out my stream ( ), I'd really appreciate it

EDIT: As of the 23rd I finished my Insane/Adventure run (I won! :D You can check out the last like 2 hours of that run in the VoDs) and now I'm doing a Nightmare/Adventure Paradox Mage run in which I attempt to get better at that class and also the Nightmare/Roguelike TW run I wanted to do. I'm not sure when I'll be playing what, it'll probably just depend on what I feel like at the moment

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