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All Classes on Nightmare Challenge on Twitch and Youtube!

Hi there, I'm Yusunanyuri/Yusu/San0ix and you may or may not know me from my pretty popular Temporal Warden guide (humble brag), my ToME any% speedrunning or my frequent bitching on the forums about whatever I believe to be a bug.

I've recently started challenging myself to beat ToME on nightmare difficulty with all the classes and I've been streaming those runs on my Twitch! ( ) I'd greatly appreciate it if you were to come by and hang out (chat is super awesome) or just lurk :)

I will now also upload any past and future run that gets decently far on my Youtube ( ) so if you've missed a class that you really wanted to see, you can easily watch that over there ;)

Highly Commentated Runs by a "Veteran"

Ayyy, I'm San0ix, or Yusunanyuri, and I wanna announce real quick that I am streaming ToME again :D

You might already know me from my past streams or my in-depth Temporal Warden guide. If you don't then here are some infos about why you might want to watch me if you wanna learn some things about the game or just wanna have fun ;)
First off, my stream is very interaction focused, meaning that I try to talk a lot to you guys chatting. So if you have any questions ToME related, on my stream is a good place for that :)
Now you might ask yourself "But wait! Is this guy even good enough to answer my question correctly?". Well, I put about 600 hours in this game now (I started playing a little after the release of 1.0) and got 4 winners on Nightmare and 2 winners on Insane. I also got about 8 winner on Normal (some addon classes) but that difficulty doesn't really matter in my opinion.
Does that mean I am the greatest player ever? No. I just happen to have a very particular playing style that somehow works out on certain classes. In general I tend to make very aggresive plays and balance that out by building and skilling characters a little more defensively.

I stream most of my ToME runs on my Twitch ( ) and recently started uploading decent ones on my YouTube ( ).
I would greatly appreciate it if you checked my channels out :) One word of warning though, please don't expect me to only stream/upload ToME. I am very on/off with this game and am also learning a new speedgame but I can guarantee you that there will be at least a few runs srom time to time :D

Educational "High" Level ToME Stream

HI! I'm San0ix/Yusunanyuri, I put way too much time in this game (like 400h) and I recently (today) started streaming ToME.
My goal is to help people improve at this game, so I'm trying to explain what I'm doing and why. You can also ask me questions about the game (about the class I'm playing right now or just ToME in general) and I will try to answer with the best of my knowledge :)
At the moment I'm playing a lot of Temporal Warden (before they get nerfed^^) and I'm currently finishing my Insane/Adventure run with one of them. After that I will be doing a Nightmare/Roguelike run with another Temporal Warden and try to explain everything in more detail.
So if you feel like it, come check out my stream ( ), I'd really appreciate it

EDIT: As of the 23rd I finished my Insane/Adventure run (I won! :D You can check out the last like 2 hours of that run in the VoDs) and now I'm doing a Nightmare/Adventure Paradox Mage run in which I attempt to get better at that class and also the Nightmare/Roguelike TW run I wanted to do. I'm not sure when I'll be playing what, it'll probably just depend on what I feel like at the moment

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