Modules Contest 2013 Results

Welcome to 2013 T-Engine Modules Contest!

For this first year of the module contest we have 6 winners (because they all succeeded at making a game). However as was announced at the start the 3 top ones will get a reward. The order was determined by a weighted sum of the individual grades, with 'fun' being worth twice more. As such the lucky three are:

  • Qi Daozei from Castler, earning him the 500€ reward and top position!
  • Mosaic from Darren Grey, earning him the 150€ reward and second position!
  • The Veins of the Earth from Zireael, earning her the 50€ reward and third position!

Each vote cast by each player is bound to her/his account and required the player to actually have played the game (as tracked by the server) so we can be relatively sure no funky vote-cheating was done.

I, DarkGod, would like to personally congratulate each and every participants. You have created great fun games, for many of you without any prior knowledge. Even if you were not in the lucky three, I want to tell you just a few things: continue, code, create fun and make people know about your games!

NameVersionAuthorDownloadVote: FunVote: PolishVote: InnovationVote: Total
Qi Daozei0.4.1Castler74.4%67.8%75.3%73.0%
The Veins of the Earth0.33.0Zireael70.4%57.5%67.0%66.3%
Hulk: Outer Rim Exploitation0.5.0grazz60.0%47.6%49.5%54.3%