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The following may be out of date.


The Necromancer is a mage who specializes in the magic of death. They can raise the bodies and souls of the dead into undead minions, enthralled slaves which fight until destroyed. They can also deal damage directly, using darkness- and cold-based spells.

The class plays like a combination of Archmage and Summoner. Both aspects are independently powerful; it is perfectly viable to blast foes with spells, or to hide behind a wall of ravenous flesh and bone, or both at once.

Watch out for skeleton mage minions; they will fire beam spells at enemies without regard for friendly units who are in the way (including you). Don't stand between a skeleton mage and a monster. You might consider disposing of them before that can happen; various means are available (exploding them, integrating them into a bone giant, or simply bashing their skulls in).

If you have unlocked the Ice spell tree (Cryomancer), it will be available (locked). The Ice talents can complement your Grave spells (Chill of the Tomb, Cold Flames). If you're emphasizing direct damage over minions, this may be a tree worth investing in. (Needs testing!)

Minion users will almost certainly want to grab the Advanced necrotic minions tree ASAP.

Vampiric Gift, if you can afford the mana to sustain it, grants a potentially huge amount of self-healing. Healing your minions is more challenging; the best way is to be a Ghoul and Retch on them. Failing that, you should probably consider them disposable.