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The following notes based on the character below:

Katgar: Dwarf Oozemancer (insane/adventure)


The oozemancer is a close range antimagic caster


  • Highly durable due to a combination of...
    • Mitosis spawning bloated ooze to share all damage taken
    • Indiscernible Anatomy providing a huge amount of critical shrug off
    • Fungal Growth allowing regeneration infusions to be permanently active
    • Can use heavy or massive armors due to equilibrium not taking any fatigue penalty
  • Antimagic and Eyal's Fury categories strongly counter magic users


  • Low damage output for a caster due to a combination of...
    • Poison is a significant component of damage output, but also the most common immunity among enemies (e.g. undead)
    • No innate access to talents that boost critical chance
    • Hard to find good Mindstars with egos that boost nature or acid damage, and must wait until Font of Sacrifice to mitigate this weakness.
  • Innately antimagic alignment prevents use of any arcane items, severely restricting item choice.
    • Full stun immunity is particular hard to acquire early/mid game: no access to Angolwen precludes custom ring crafting before going east, and antimagic alignment forbids use of boots with the undeterred ego (up to 50% stun immunity).

Battle Notes

  • Preparation for chest, corner/doors, and stairs
    1. Equip a totem of healing if entering a new level that can spawn escorts
    2. Mucus and spread around a bit
    3. Regeneration infusion
    4. Eyal's Wrath
    5. Leaves Tide
    6. Track if entering new level
    • Note that Eyal's Wrath and Leaves Tide effects will disappear on level transition, so cannot be used for stair traps.
  • Defeating Urkis to unlock the Fungus tree early will be important for surviving the Dark Crypt at level 24. This is best done at level 20-22 (keep a level buffer so killing Urkis does not overlevel you).
    • Keep an eye out for lightning resistant gear during the early game.
    • Float class talent points in Poisonous Spores to corner snipe Urkis. Extra floating points can go to Mucus, Mitosis, or Call of the Ooze to improve survivability and hit-and-run capability.
    • Float generic point in Antimagic Shield and Antimagic Zone.
    • Use level 20 category point for an extra infusion slot. Put a wild infusion to cleanse magic effects in this slot to counter Hurricane. This can be replaced with a regeneration infusion once Fungus is unlocked.
    • Clear the whole map except for Urkis. Dig around a bit to create more corners that can help break line of sight.
    • Adjust sustained talents for kiting. Only Mitosis and Antimagic Shield are really necessary. Even Psiblades might be too expensive early on, especially since you don't need it for any of the kiting talents.
    • Alternate Acid Splash and Mucus while running away from Urkis. This should keep some mucus on the ground at all times to spawn mucus ooze as extra targets for Urkis.
    • Keep running away, scouting with Track, and spawning ooze as distractions. Don't get greedy. It only takes a few casts of Poisonous Spores and Antimagic Zone to kill Urkis. Watch out for Urkis approaching from unexpected directions after he teleports.