core.display T-Engine display API T-Engine game API
core.key T-Engine key API
core.mouse T-Engine mouse API
engine.Astar Pathfinding using A*
engine.Autolevel Handles autoleveling schemes Probably used mainly for NPCS, although it could also be used for player allies or players themselves for lazy players/modules
engine.BSP Abstract binary space partitioning Can be used to generator levels and so on
engine.Calendar Defines factions
engine.CharacterBallSave Handles a local characters vault saves
engine.CharacterVaultSave Handles a local characters vault saves
engine.Chat Handle chats between the player and NPCs
engine.DamageType Handles actors stats
engine.Dialog Handles dialog windows
engine.DirectPath Computes a direct line path from start to end
engine.Faction Defines factions
engine.Game Represent a game A module should subclass it and initialize anything it needs to play inside
engine.GameEnergyBased A game type that gives each entities energy When an entity reaches an energy level it is allowed to act (it calls the entity"s "act" method)
engine.GameTurnBased Defines a turn based game If this class is not used the game is realtime.
engine.Heightmap Heightmap fractal generator This can be used to create rooms, levels, world maps, whatever
engine.HighScores Define high score table support This will eventually actually generate a GUI table and handle filtering etc but for now it just generates a text string which represents the list of high scores.
engine.Key Basic keypress handler The engine calls receiveKey when a key is pressed
engine.KeyBind Handles key binds to "virtual" actions
engine.KeyCommand Receives keypresses and acts upon them
engine.Level Define a level
engine.LogDisplay Module that handles message history in a mouse wheel scrollable zone
engine.LogFlasher Module that handles a single message line, with pausing and flashing
engine.Map Represents a level map, handles display and various low level map work
engine.Module Handles dialog windows
engine.Mouse Basic mousepress handler The engine calls receiveMouse when a mouse is clicked
engine.Particles Handles a particles system Used by engine.Map
engine.PlayerProfile Handles the player profile, possibly online
engine.Quadratic Handles a 3D "quadratic" object It's mostly undeed, it simply allows quadratic to be serialized
engine.Quest Handle quests
engine.Savefile Savefile code T-Engine4 savefiles are direct serialization of in game objects
Basically the engine is told to save your Game instance and then it will recursively save all that it contains: level, map, entities, your own objects, ...
The savefile structure is a zip file that contains one file per object to be saved.
engine.SavefilePipe Savefile code Creates a savefile pipe, savefiles requests can be pushed into it, it will execute them in order and, as much as possible, as a background process, thus not preventing the game from running.
There can only be one pipe! DO NOT TRY TO MAKE MORE
engine.Shader Handles a particles system Used by engine.Map
engine.Target handles targetting
engine.Tiles Handles tiles Used by engine.Map to reduce processing needed.
engine.Tooltip A generic tooltip
engine.Trap Describes a trap
engine.UserChat Module that handles multiplayer chats
engine.World Represents a game world, that is persistent across characters
engine.Zone Defines a zone: a set of levels, with depth, npcs, objects, level generator, ...
engine.dialogs.ViewHighScores Generator that makes a map Generator interface that can use rooms
engine.interface.ActorAI Handles actors artificial intelligence (or dumbness ...
engine.interface.ActorFOV Handles actors field of view When an actor moves it computes a field of view and stores it in self.fov
When an other actor moves it can update the fov of seen actors
engine.interface.ActorInventory Handles actors stats
engine.interface.ActorLevel Interface to add leveling capabilities to actors Defines the exp property, which is the current experience, level which is the current level and exp_worth which is a multiplier to the monster level default exp
engine.interface.ActorLife Handles actors life and death
engine.interface.ActorProject Handles actors projecting damage to zones/targets
engine.interface.ActorQuest Handles actors quests
engine.interface.ActorResource Handles actors life and death
engine.interface.ActorStats Handles actors stats
engine.interface.ActorTalents Handles actors stats
engine.interface.ActorTemporaryEffects Handles actors temporary effects (temporary boost of a stat, ...)
engine.interface.BloodyDeath Interface to add a bloodyDeath() method to actors When this method is called, the floor or walls around the late actor is covered in blood
engine.interface.ControlCursorSupport Handles control Cursor This should work for anything that has a surface and x,y,w,h,font properties.
engine.interface.GameMusic Handles music in the game
engine.interface.GameSound Handles sounds in the game
engine.interface.GameTargeting Handles default targeting interface & display
engine.interface.ObjectActivable Handles activable objects, much more simple than actor's resource It can define simple activations, complex ones that use power and it can also activate talent (ActorTalents interface must also be used on the Object class in this case)
engine.interface.ObjectIdentify Handles unidentified objects, and their identification
engine.interface.PlayerDumpJSON Handles player json "char dump" This is used for auto uploads to, could be for other stuff too
engine.interface.PlayerHotkeys Handles player hotkey interface This provides methods to bind and manage hotkeys as well as using them
This interface is designed to work with the engine.HotkeysDisplay class to display current hotkeys to the player
engine.interface.PlayerMouse Handles player default mouse actions Defines some methods to help use the mouse in an uniform way in all modules
engine.interface.PlayerRest Handles player resting
engine.interface.PlayerRun Handles player running This should work for running inside tunnel, alongside walls, in open spaces.
engine.interface.PlayerSlide Makes the player "slide" along walls when possible Simply call x, y = self:tryPlayerSlide(x, y, force) in your player's move() method
engine.interface.WorldAchievements Handles achievements in a world
engine.ui.Base A generic UI element
engine.ui.Button A generic UI button
engine.ui.Checkbox A generic UI textbox
engine.ui.Dialog A generic UI button
engine.ui.Dropdown A generic UI list dropdown box
engine.ui.Empty An empty space
engine.ui.Focusable Make a UI element clickable
engine.ui.GenericContainer An empty space
engine.ui.Image A generic UI image
engine.ui.ImageList A generic UI image list
engine.ui.Inventory A generic inventory, with possible tabs
engine.ui.List A generic UI list
engine.ui.ListColumns A generic UI multi columns list
engine.ui.Numberbox A generic UI textbox
engine.ui.Separator A generic UI button
engine.ui.Slider A generic UI slider, usualy used by other UI elements
engine.ui.SubDialog A generic UI button
engine.ui.SurfaceZone A generic UI list
engine.ui.Tab A generic UI textbox
engine.ui.Textbox A generic UI textbox
engine.ui.Textzone A generic UI list
engine.ui.TextzoneList A generic UI list
engine.ui.TreeList A generic UI list
engine.ui.UIContainer A generic UI list
engine.ui.UIGroup Make a UI element clickable
engine.ui.VariableList A generic UI list
engine.ui.Waiter A generic waiter bar
rng T-Engine random number generator API Uses the SIMD oriented Fast Mersenne Twister.

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