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This is a list of things on the wiki that need to be done. If you can, do some of them; or if you find something needing updates, please add it here.


Need Creation

Missing bosses/uniques

  • The Shade of Telos
  • Corrupted Daelach
  • Ritch Great Hive Mother
  • Kra'Tor the Gluttonous
  • Borfast the Broken
  • Aletta Soultorn
  • Filio Flightfond
  • Arch Zephyr
  • Glacial Legion
  • Rotting Titan
  • Heavy Sentinel
  • Void Spectre
  • Khulmanar, General of Urh'Rok
  • Ak'Gishil
  • Forest Troll Hedge-Wizard
  • Mindworm
  • Distorted Animated Sword
  • Rungof the Warg Titan
  • Lady Nashva the Streambender
  • The Possessed
  • The Dreaming One
  • Epoch
  • Draebor, the Imp

Need review/update for current version of ToME

  • Almost every talent tree. Table to track this, coming soon.
  • Guides for most classes.
  • Egos all need review and update
  • List of on-hit and when-hit egos also need creation/update
  • Talent icons need to be re-uploaded if changed (low priority).
  • Artifacts

General Fixing