Adjustable Talent/Stat/Generic/Category Point Multiplier

Adjustable Talent/Stat/Generic/Category Point Multiplier

Allows modification of gains for stats, resources, experience gain, category points, and prodigy points. If you would like to be able to modify other values post them in the comments.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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something may be wrong?

So the add-on does show the options in the menu, but doesn't take effect. It might be an add-on conflict, but I am not seeing anything obvious.

Edit: The experience bonus works, but the rest doesn't. That doesn't say a lot, but now you know where to look?

Not working

All categories work for me. Either there is a bug that doesn't show up with my set up or you have an addon conflict. I use this with about 40 other add ons (I have way to many) and it works so I'm not sure what could be causing it. Try turning on dev mode, creating a test character, setting all the modifiers to 2 and turning on semi god mode. Then see if you are gaining the points correctly. Also I've never tested this on a game started without the addon so that could be the problem.
If it still doesn't work could you tell me what addons you use?
Edit: Also, the bonuses aren't retroactive so if you change the options partway through a game it will only effect level gained after the change.
Edit2: I suspect another addon is superloading levelup() in actor.lua. The xp boost is through worthExp(target) while the others are through levelup(). If an addon superloads levelup() but not worthExp(target) it would explain your problem. I could try boosting the addon's weight to give priority to its superload of levelup(). Please say which addons you have so I can look into it.

so many addons

It must have been an addon conflict. I changed some and it's working fine now


If another addon changes onStatChange (from actor.lua) it will cause some settings to have reduced effect.