Current in-game chat log

[2014-10-23 02:38:11] <Solidgod #tome> danke
[2014-10-23 02:38:10] <daltonraccoon #tome> Middle button on the number pad
[2014-10-23 02:38:08] <Fw: Motion #tome> press 5 on keypad
[2014-10-23 02:38:06] <bzl #tome> 5 on the keypat
[2014-10-23 02:38:04] <Cabrony #tome> has gained achievement: Curse Lifter
[2014-10-23 02:37:57] <Solidgod #tome> How do I wait a single turn?
[2014-10-23 02:37:56] <SpinX #tome> yaaay, all 4 necro lores
[2014-10-23 02:37:54] <jademonkey #tome> one of them can open cabinets, so I thought he got himself stuck again, but then I looked down and he was right next to me
[2014-10-23 02:37:42] <Mooroo #tome> confirmed easiest ambush survival ever: Use Irresistable sun, sit there while everything died.
[2014-10-23 02:37:37] <kloiuy #global> has gained achievement: Brave new world
[2014-10-23 02:37:33] <Kliff #tome> has gained achievement: The secret city
[2014-10-23 02:37:30] <jademonkey #tome> my cats are in this room tho...
[2014-10-23 02:37:25] <daltonraccoon #tome> Must be the ghosts of all your dead characters
[2014-10-23 02:37:18] <bzl #tome> Maybe it is your cat trying to get in so she can link some snakes
[2014-10-23 02:37:11] <HJFudge #tome> has gained achievement: Level 10 (Roguelike)
[2014-10-23 02:37:07] <Mooroo #tome> has gained achievement: Against all odds
[2014-10-23 02:36:52] <jademonkey #tome> this is really spooky
[2014-10-23 02:36:47] <jademonkey #tome> wtf one of my doors keeps banging and there's no breeze in the room
[2014-10-23 02:36:42] <Vodol #tome> has gained achievement: Treasure Hoarder (Nightmare (Adventure) difficulty)
[2014-10-23 02:36:18] <Saga Deathwitch #tome> A legend with charge... not good cosnidering i'm a squishy necromancer
[2014-10-23 02:36:09] <dasrunzen #tome> okay, why does the game state, that the insidious poison on me gets reduced by from arour?
[2014-10-23 02:36:06] <Mooroo #tome> escorts spawning after you've cleared dreadfell are the best things ever.
[2014-10-23 02:35:55] <cctobias #tome> god I hate oozes
[2014-10-23 02:35:53] <Fw: Motion #tome> rank legend? hm.
[2014-10-23 02:35:40] <HJFudge #tome> has gained achievement: The Arena (Roguelike)
[2014-10-23 02:35:39] <Saga Deathwitch #tome> challenger approaches...
[2014-10-23 02:35:37] <ihirt #tome> has gained achievement: The Arena
[2014-10-23 02:35:36] <LOUD NOISES #tome> has gained achievement: Squadmate
[2014-10-23 02:35:33] <Mooroo #tome> I had like... 8 resource bars on a shadowblade the other dya
[2014-10-23 02:35:32] <soulworld05 #tome> has gained achievement: Level 10
[2014-10-23 02:35:28] <ronnie bon halen #tome> has gained achievement: The Arena (Roguelike)
[2014-10-23 02:35:18] <Mobyslick #tome> has gained achievement: Thralless (Exploration mode)
[2014-10-23 02:35:17] <daltonraccoon #tome> Yeah I mean it's not like berserkers are hard to kill for their DPS
[2014-10-23 02:35:10] <Kliff #tome> has gained achievement: The Arena
[2014-10-23 02:35:03] <kuzeelar #tome> adventurer with every resource bar
[2014-10-23 02:35:02] <cctobias #tome> carelessness is my biggest killer
[2014-10-23 02:34:56] <theshim #tome> insane damage output, still crazy hard to kill
[2014-10-23 02:34:48] <jalesnaves #global> has gained achievement: Utterly Destroyed (Nightmare (Adventure) difficulty)
[2014-10-23 02:34:47] <Chrono #global> has gained achievement: Rescuer of the lost (Nightmare (Adventure) difficulty)
[2014-10-23 02:34:43] <Mooroo #tome> confusion has caused me to die numerous times
[2014-10-23 02:34:42] <orange #tome> I am so happy i have arcane eye in my life
[2014-10-23 02:34:30] <theshim #tome> new 2h paladins are ridiculous
[2014-10-23 02:34:27] <Mooroo #tome> just get confusion immunity asap
[2014-10-23 02:34:23] <daltonraccoon #tome> I'm doing a 2H sun paladin too. They're awesome. But I keep being retarded and dying
[2014-10-23 02:34:19] <Fw: Motion #tome> i'm trying to figure out what character can make best use of this item
[2014-10-23 02:34:12] <kloiuy #global> has gained achievement: Level 30
[2014-10-23 02:34:08] <Mooroo #tome> t's great
[2014-10-23 02:34:06] <Mooroo #tome> I'm doing 2h Sun Pally right now
[2014-10-23 02:33:53] <almostdecent #tome> ok cool. I have no issues with this, like the new challenge, but checking as was away for a while. Not come to terms with all the changes. Used to think Sun Paladins were wimps. Want to try new 2H
[2014-10-23 02:33:48] <daltonraccoon #tome> Why are you linking every snake you see