Current in-game chat log

[2016-12-08 10:52:03] <Hogulus #tome> grats :D
[2016-12-08 10:51:54] <Darkwalker55 #tome> Just killed her - thanks again for the help!
[2016-12-08 10:51:43] <cfmakeraw #tome> has gained achievement: Level 10
[2016-12-08 10:51:01] <Rengo #tome> has gained achievement: Utterly Destroyed
[2016-12-08 10:51:00] <Hogulus #tome> and yeah, I think DG's aware of the issue but I'll poke him regardless
[2016-12-08 10:50:43] <Hogulus #tome> later on, iamcraig
[2016-12-08 10:50:34] <iamcraig #tome> or is it somewhere in the GEM?
[2016-12-08 10:50:29] <xamos999 #tome> could you say again the name of this pride?
[2016-12-08 10:50:28] <iamcraig #tome> hrmm, so do I find a place later in the game where I can use these black discs?
[2016-12-08 10:50:10] <Hogulus #tome> if you already cleared that and didn't get the drop, it may have bugged
[2016-12-08 10:50:02] <xamos999 #tome> ok ty
[2016-12-08 10:49:50] <Hogulus #tome> you're missing an orb, from gorbat pride
[2016-12-08 10:49:37] <xamos999 #tome> nothing happens
[2016-12-08 10:49:33] <Hogulus #tome> but the intent is appreciated
[2016-12-08 10:49:32] <xamos999 #tome> orb pedestal(dragon)
[2016-12-08 10:49:28] <Hogulus #tome> pretty sure he'd forgive that :P
[2016-12-08 10:49:00] <xamos999 #tome> anybody knows what to do with last pedestal?
[2016-12-08 10:48:56] <nyther23 #tome> I will take it as my just punishment
[2016-12-08 10:48:43] <tem CENA #tome> he's gonna rain lvl 500 horrors upon you!
[2016-12-08 10:48:32] <tem CENA #tome> oh no..
[2016-12-08 10:48:17] <nyther23 #tome> when I lost Internet for a while I had to Pirate the game in order to play, but now that I have it again I bought the whole thing on Steam
[2016-12-08 10:47:52] <xamos999 #tome> i stand on last pedestal and nothing happens
[2016-12-08 10:47:40] <xamos999 #tome> (four orbs quest)
[2016-12-08 10:47:24] <xamos999 #tome> what to do with fourth pedestal ?
[2016-12-08 10:47:16] <Hogulus #tome> mm?
[2016-12-08 10:46:59] <nyther23 #tome> cause I have to beg for forgiveness
[2016-12-08 10:46:38] <nyther23 #tome> has gained achievement: The Arena
[2016-12-08 10:46:35] <sudarshana #tome> has gained achievement: Antimagic! (Roguelike)
[2016-12-08 10:46:02] <nighhawk #tome> has gained achievement: Treasure Hunter (Nightmare (Adventure) difficulty)
[2016-12-08 10:45:52] <nyther23 #tome> does Darkgod get on often?
[2016-12-08 10:44:38] <tem CENA #tome> has gained achievement: Rescuer of the lost (Insane (Adventure) difficulty)
[2016-12-08 10:44:06] <Breadsmith #tome> has gained achievement: Size is everything
[2016-12-08 10:43:34] <karl_gank #tome> has gained achievement: Home sweet home
[2016-12-08 10:43:21] <orange #global> has gained achievement: Home sweet home (Nightmare (Adventure) difficulty)
[2016-12-08 10:43:16] <iamcraig #tome> my mainhand still shows as 43 damage despite the amount of damage it's pumping out
[2016-12-08 10:42:49] <iamcraig #tome> lol, my damage display is still bugged to all hell
[2016-12-08 10:42:33] <nyther23 #tome> It was a surprise though...
[2016-12-08 10:42:17] <tem CENA #tome> :>
[2016-12-08 10:42:15] <tem CENA #tome> it has pretty nice crit stuff
[2016-12-08 10:42:06] <tem CENA #tome> well
[2016-12-08 10:41:19] <nyther23 #tome> yes.....
[2016-12-08 10:41:01] <tem CENA #tome> does it have luck racials?
[2016-12-08 10:40:52] <nyther23 #tome> Didn't see that coming
[2016-12-08 10:40:42] <tem CENA #tome> bunnydrake!
[2016-12-08 10:40:39] <Hogulus #tome> the draconian addon is silly sometimes
[2016-12-08 10:40:31] <tem CENA #tome> thaaat's right!
[2016-12-08 10:40:12] <nyther23 #tome> BUNNY HALF DRAGON????!!!!
[2016-12-08 10:39:56] <iamcraig #tome> and trust me, I know this likely isn't optimal
[2016-12-08 10:39:45] <Ziem #global> has gained achievement: Rescuer of the lost (Roguelike)
[2016-12-08 10:39:40] <iamcraig #tome> haha