Tower Defense V0.8 - Mass Enemy Upgrades | New Tiles

Game Addon: 


-Grants all talents upon birth, and no longer requires the orb in any way
-Derth Guard removed for the time being
-Now displays number of boss kills in the quest log
-All towers have new tiles


-Added in the Lightning Daze Tower
--Dazes all enemies in a small radius around it

-Added in the Player Healing Tower and the Feed Resources Talent
--You can use the Feed Resources talent on a Player Healing Tower to gain increased health, stamina, mana, and psi regeneration
--This drains 99% of the tower's health over 10 turns, and it regenerates it's health by 2% per turn
--If used below 100% of the tower's health, it will be destroyed upon the final tick

Ruins of Derth

-Added in the Draconian and Undead items as exclusives purely to their own races

-Kor'Pul's Undead Army has joined the offensive
-The Possessed's Bandit Army has joined the offensive
-Rungof and his Army of Wolves has joined the offensive
-Shax and Prox have gone off to play some poker