Arcanum Class Pack v1.5

Game Addon: 

Hotfixed to fix Poison Bomb and Potioncraft.

1.0.5 compatible.
Pure Aether allows the use of Force and Restoration talents while using Aether Avatar.
Crystal Focus now works with bows, slings, shields and mindstars. Grants better damage increase on better staves.
Arcanist now gets Spell/Nightfall.
Cryomancy tweaked: Glacial Vapour and Tidal Wave now inflict Wetness, which causes increased chance to freeze from Ice damage and inflicts Hypothermia when hit by cold damage, which causes extra cold damage over time, which pierces iceblocks.

Angolwen Academy:
Recieve a training token from the Appentice and from Linaniil after beating Urkis. Maybe have one as an artifact drop too.
Grants category locked at 1.0 or unlocks at 1.0 or +0.1 mastery.

Wild Bolts buffed.
Aegis extended to Elemental Shield and Chaos Armour.
Mind Spike buffed.
Unlight buffed.
Crumble buffed.
Hold buffed.
Shield Overload extended to Elemental Shield and Chaos Armour.
Purify buffed.
Staff Blast buffed.
Potioncraft buffed.
Corrupted Blood buffed.
Quintessence and Cloak of the Void grant a Taintmark if you have that addon as well.