rq: No Escorts, Alchemists, Wayist, Wyrm Bile

rq: No Escorts, Alchemists, Wayist, Wyrm Bile

Turns off escort quests and alchemists quests. Disables Yeek Wayist bonuses. Removes Wyrm Bile stat changes.


Escort died again for no fault of your own? Alchemists finished a recipe behind your back? Subject Z dodged your stun and now Wayist is dead? Or maybe your main stats were scrambled by the Wyrm Bile?

Feeling frustrated? Annoyed? Worried that your toons are now irrevocably gimped and that it's no fun to play them anymore?

Thinking to yourself: what if those obnoxious, punishing, luck-based elements of the game were just gone?

Well there's the addon for you. Just disable all those pesky bugs and never look back.

And when you win, say proudly that you did it with an addon that, in essence, makes the game HARDER.

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Name Module Version Required Released File
rq-no-escorts-alchemists-wayist-wyrmbile 1.5.10 2018-07-12 21:59