NameGameLast updated
Lytha the level 10 Halfling Roguetome11 weeks 4 days ago
Mahdur the level 18 Shalore Temporal Wardentome12 weeks 22 hours ago
Ahdurri the level 8 Doomelf Archmagetome12 weeks 3 days ago
Artheenio the level 7 Shalore Alchemisttome12 weeks 3 days ago
Rsma the level 18 Krog Solipsisttome12 weeks 5 days ago
Shetdal the level 6 Krog Doomedtome12 weeks 6 days ago
Baruthad the level 29 Whitehoof Sun Paladintome12 weeks 6 days ago
Faladesus the level 12 Whitehoof Reavertome13 weeks 2 hours ago
Faladesus the level 3 Whitehoof Reavertome13 weeks 3 hours ago
Samachik the level 1 Whitehoof Sun Paladintome13 weeks 4 hours ago
Saronari the level 19 Doomelf Archmagetome13 weeks 15 hours ago
Saronari the level 1 Doomelf Archmagetome13 weeks 2 days ago
Anynarindur the level 14 Skeleton Maraudertome13 weeks 3 days ago
Bonefist the level 1 Skeleton Brawlertome13 weeks 3 days ago
Ryruseli the level 19 Halfling Gunslingertome13 weeks 3 days ago
Entrun the level 6 Halfling Shadowbladetome13 weeks 4 days ago
Tania the level 1 Halfling Roguetome13 weeks 4 days ago
Abboadd the level 1 Thalore Maraudertome13 weeks 4 days ago
Berin the level 9 Higher Anorithiltome13 weeks 4 days ago
Russas the level 6 Shalore Alchemisttome13 weeks 4 days ago
Ssindma the level 1 Krog Mindslayertome13 weeks 5 days ago
Aund the level 12 Ogre Doombringertome13 weeks 6 days ago
Aund the level 1 Thalore Berserkertome14 weeks 1 day ago
Ioshalhen the level 25 Doomelf Paradox Magetome14 weeks 1 day ago
Aerteg the level 7 Shalore Necromancertome14 weeks 1 day ago