NameGameLast updated
Athae the level 6 Thalore Wyrmictome15 weeks 1 day ago
Lisyra the level 1 Ghoul Shadowbladetome15 weeks 5 days ago
Nnitel the level 1 Cornac Cursedtome15 weeks 5 days ago
Isoramina the level 1 Ghoul Berserkertome15 weeks 5 days ago
Stynnrel the level 1 Higher Berserkertome15 weeks 5 days ago
Etlemi the level 26 Shalore Paradox Magetome15 weeks 5 days ago
Ennetli the level 1 Higher Paradox Magetome16 weeks 7 hours ago
The Black Knight the level 11 Ghoul Bulwarktome16 weeks 8 hours ago
Daneresh the level 1 Thalore Shadowbladetome16 weeks 1 day ago
Erlenela the level 4 Higher Anorithiltome16 weeks 1 day ago
Ithit the Bonebringer the level 2 Shalore Brawlertome21 weeks 1 day ago
Isutha the level 4 Ghoul Corruptortome34 weeks 1 day ago
Asithi the level 3 Ogre Wyrmictome34 weeks 1 day ago
*Trumpet Noises* the level 7 Yeek Possessortome34 weeks 1 day ago
Firal the Unturned the level 3 Ogre Doombringertome34 weeks 1 day ago
Ontoi the level 1 Cornac Doombringertome34 weeks 1 day ago
Vehahen the level 18 Shalore Temporal Wardentome41 weeks 3 days ago
Aurannda the level 5 Cornac Cursedtome48 weeks 2 days ago
Firal the level 34 Thalore Bulwarktome48 weeks 3 days ago
Cyrel the level 2 Halfling Archmagetome48 weeks 5 days ago
Esten the level 1 Shalore Archmagetome48 weeks 5 days ago
Sivll the level 21 Cornac Brawlertome48 weeks 5 days ago
Onar the level 8 Cornac Roguetome49 weeks 7 hours ago
Sallait the level 9 Cornac Roguetome49 weeks 9 hours ago
Astdiur the level 1 Higher Archmagetome49 weeks 11 hours ago