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ToME Version: 1.5.5


Stats (statistics) are the primary attributes shared by every character and NPC:

and an indirect stat:

You are given 3 points to distribute among the six basic attributes per level. In addition, at any given level, a character's stat has a soft cap of (character level * 1.4 + 20), and hard capped at 60. NPCs' stats can go higher than 60 for each level they have above level 50.

Besides the stats points given at level-up, you may raise them in other ways too, such as quest rewards. Most talents and many runes and infusions have a modifier attached to them that corresponds to one of these stats. As the stat rises, so does the effectiveness of the talent or item.

Please note that Luck can not be raised directly by stat points. Only skills and items can change Luck.

Many talents require a certain attribute level to be able to learn them. Also, a lot of equipment requires a certain stat level to be worn.

Physical combat damage is partially determined by these attributes as well (depending on the weapon(s) being used). Look for the "Uses stats:" line on the weapon to see which stats govern its effectiveness.


Strength.png Strength defines your character's ability to apply physical force. It increases your damage done with melee weapons (and to a lesser extent, arrows), your chance to resist physical effects, and your carrying capacity.

Gains per point:

Physical power:   1.00
Max encumbrance:  1.80
Physical save:     .35

Strength modifies many talents' effectiveness.


Dexterity.png Dexterity defines your character's ability to be agile and alert. It increases your chance to hit, your ability to avoid attacks, and your damage with daggers and ranged weapons.

Gains per point:

Defense:                     .35
Ranged defense:              .35
Accuracy:                   1.00
Shrug off criticals chance:  .30

Dexterity modifies many talents' effectiveness.


Constitution.png Constitution defines your character's ability to withstand, resist and recover from damage. It increases your maximum Life, your physical resistance and your healing modification.

Gains per point:

Max life:       4.00 (*)
Physical save:  .35
Healing modification: 0.7%

(*) Or sometimes less, with various Solipsist talents in effect.

Constitution modifies some talents' effectiveness.


Magic.png Magic defines your character's ability to manipulate the magical energy of the world. It increases your spell power, and the effects of spells and other magic items.

Gains per point:

Spell save:  .35
Spellpower:  1.00

Magic modifies many talents' effectiveness.


Willpower.png Willpower defines your character's ability to concentrate. It increases the capacity of several resources, and your chance to resist mental and spell attacks.

Gains per point:

Max Mana:       5.00
Max Stamina:    2.50
Max Psi:        1.00 (*)
Mindpower:      .70
Mental save:    .35
Spell save:     .35
Accuracy:       .35 (only when using Psi combat)

(*) Or more, with various Solipsist talents in effect.

Willpower modifies many talents' effectiveness.


This page is about the stat Cunning; for the talent category, see Cunning.

Cunning.png Cunning defines your character's ability to learn, think, and react. It allows you to learn many worldly abilities, and increases your mental capabilities and chance of critical hits. It also increases your damage with slings.

Gains per point:

Critical hit chance:  .30
Mental save:          .35
Mindpower:            .40
Accuracy:             .35 (only when using Psi combat)
Steampower:          1.00 (only when using Steam)

Cunning modifies many talents' effectiveness.


Luck gives small bonuses to many combat attributes. Unlike other attributes, luck is not shown on your character sheet, and is a 'hidden' attribute.

Gains per point:

Accuracy:             .40
Defense:              .40
Critical hit chance:  .30
Physical save:        .175
Mental save:          .175
Spell save:           .175

In addition, each point gives 0.2% chance to not break stealth (same as Unseen Actions), and 0.2% chance to avoid your own AoE effects (similar to Spellcraft).