Forbidden Cults 1.0.1 is out!

My minions,

I am happy to give you Forbidden Cults 1.0.1!
This is a simple little update to fix a few release bugs.

  • Change Demented starting zone to the middle of a corn field to avoid Angolwen despawning
  • Clarify insanity description
  • Drem Stone Wardens can now have benefit from Stone Fortress while the summon from From Below It Devours talent is alive.
  • Fixed a bug where the Wyrmic Scourge Drake tree wouldn't properly unlock
  • Fixed books shader on AMD GPUs
  • Fixed Dissolved Face tooltip
  • Fixed Drem confusion resistance
  • Fixed Horrific Display target clearing
  • Fixed Malyu dialog to gracefully handle classes that know talent trees that do not actually exist
  • Fixed Shared Insanity tooltip
  • Fixed tentacle tree event to not always spawn a bunch of them at once
  • Fixed tentacle zones having leftover Fearscape Portal code
  • Fixes characters with the Robe of the Worm permanently stuck (retroactive)
  • Improve Light of Revelation
  • Increased the level range of a certain Forbidden Tome a bit
  • Reduced the damage of most npcs in The Maggot a little, and reduced the endboss infravision

Have fun with your tentacles!