Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.0 BETA3 is upon you!

My minions,

The third beta of 1.7.0 is now available!
You'll find all the downloads on https://te4.org/beta-test

Please, try to keep all bug reportings on ToME's official forums at http://forums.te4.org/ as it is hardly feasible for me to survey 10 different location for bugs.
Do not use addons or DLCs to test it, as addons can always mess up the testing and the DLCs require an update to work for 1.7.

One last thing for those new to betas; characters will NEVER validate in beta; that's normal and as usual importing characters across major releases is bound to not work all too well.

Changelog in no particular order:

  • Lichform does not wait your next death in the Arena, as resurrection is forbidden there
  • Updated the Arena death dialog to use the same code as the normal one
  • New Actor:udpateSustains() to force sustains to turn off and on again
  • Changed Adept and other such talent changes to bit a bit more clear in how they operate (add raw levels affected by mastery to effective level, they do NOT trigger on_learn and such and do NOT alter raw level)
  • Mirror Images inherit widebeams, Spellcraft and iceblock penetration
  • Actors are cleaned of temporary effects upon death even if they do not resurrect, to prevent some effects from lingering after their deaths
  • Prevent Born Into Magic to work with Elemental Array Burst as it would be rather useless
  • Slightly decrease the total amount of talent trees on rare+ enemies and restrict the level at which some problematic talents (notably antimagic) begin to show.
  • Phantasmal Shield does not retaliate to self inflicted damage
  • Expand randomization range for amount of talent trees
  • Slightly nerf caustic terror
  • Slightly reduce talents taken by rares
  • Limit antimagic on early game rares
  • Limit fearscape on rares
  • Levelup screen now accounts for bonus talent levels in the talent descriptions
  • Actors with inventory access disabled can not access stores either. Sorry!
  • Multicaster will respect Aether Avatar
  • Unless in developer mode, during betas the game will refuse to load most addons; as they only mess up with the testing
  • Fix anomalies from not having cooldowns/not using a turn
  • Fixed some talents description in the levelup screen when using advanced view mode
  • Fixed Call of the Mausoleum duration in the tooltip
  • Fixed a bug that prevented necrotic minions from leveling up their stats
  • Fixed Assemble to not error out when there are 2 skeletons and one lord of skulls
  • Silk Current also works on ice themed Necromancer trees
  • Fix floor effects (among other things) staying beyond their welcome
  • Prevent Putrescent Liquefaction from hitting your own minions
  • Fixed error when non actors deal damage

Now go test and have fun!