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Thiiraz the invulnerable

Some of you may have noticed I have an oozemancer named Thiiraz who has recently won. I started this character with a single RAM stick a bit loose, which caused some oddities. I first loaded her save back up today after fixing the problem, only to notice she was god rank, had level 52 in every talent she had access to, 53 in every mastery, 52 stat points, 52 cat points, 52 class points, 52 generic points, 52 PRODIGY points, and probably 52 of a lot more that I didn't catch. She could hit for 75000 on a bump attack and had over 100% resist all. There was not way she was going down to anything, or needing more than one bump attack to kill anything. Elemental harmony gave her 4000+% global speed so she managed to complete the entire east in about 100 turns, before having atamathon down with 20 more. I am currently debating what to do with this absurd and invulnerable character.

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