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Gluttons are cursed with insatiable Hunger, which they use as a resource. It increases over time, and gives benefits and penalties depending on the current amount they have. They can Devour creatures, which they can then Digest to gain bonuses, sometimes permanent, including stat points and even talents. Since Gluttons can gain stat points from Devouring creatures, they gain no stat points per level. Since they can gain talents as well, they start with few categories. This is the basic class concept, and I hope you have fun with it. Disclaimer: the Glutton is very unbalanced right now (hence the alpha status). I welcome and encourage any feedback.

Thanks to all of #tome for their help. Special thanks to FlarePusher and Draknodred for helping me flesh out the class concept and for developing talent ideas, and to natev for a lot of help but especially for letting me build off his resource code.

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