David Gervais tiles mod v 1.1 for Tome4 Beta17

Here is a mod to include some tiles from David Gervais into Tome4 main module. The mod is far from complete, but right now most of the objects are done, and some monsters too.

Most of the tiles come from the work of David Gervais, under the Creative Commons licence CC-BY 3.0. I have hacked some of them to follow Tome4 universe; those new tiles are of course licenced under the same CC-BY.

In some few cases, I have added tiles from other sources. In each folder containing tiles, there is a "licence.txt" file describing what belongs to who.

Material decisions

I have made some decisions regarding the colors of the different materials. The idea is to decide at a glance what is the material of the object. I hope my choices follow this!


- iron: rusted red
- steel: base tile
- dwarven steel: darken gray
- stralite: golden
- voratun: blueish from base tile


- rough leather: light brown
- cured leather: brown
- hardened leather: dark brown
- reinforced leather: dark brown
- drakeskin leather: green


- elm: brown
- ash: gray
- yew: dark gray
- elven-wood: green
- dragonbone: dirty white


Here is the progress status:


90% done (some gems missing, some artifacts and maybe whips)


5% (ants, bears and wolves are done)


0% (not started)


0% (not started)


You can download this mod at:


Unzip the file and extract the "data" folder to your "t-engine4-windows-1.0.0beta17\game\modules\tome" folder.

Beware that some regular files will be deleted and replaced. If you want to come back to the previous state of Tome4 beta17, install it again in the same directory.

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