Reply to Tower's Veins of the Earth review

For some reason, I can't post comments, so I will reply to Tower's excellent mini-review of Veins here.

Thank you for the kind works and for pointing out the existing problems.

Have you reported your bugs? The reports get sent automatically to my mail, so that I can pore over them in peace - that is, when I am not studying - and try to fix them. Try being the operative word here, obviously.
Alas, I am not very proficient at coding, I am just a fan with some small Lua knowledge and a lot of free time compared to many. Therefore, Veins could use some contributors and helpers!

I am not good at bugfixing. I have no idea why menus wouldn't work (by the way, which ones are problematic?). I've made some headway regarding inventory problems, but can't fix it for good either.
Regardless, thanks for the review!

EDIT: As of 05/12/2013, the inventory problems should be fixed. I still have some error reports left in my mailbox to be fixed.

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