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Cornac talent points

The wiki and an old changelog imply that cornacs are supposed to get extra talent points at certain intervals. The wiki could be read that an extra talent point of each type should be granted at birth and at every tenth level. The old changelog isn't very specific (it's the 1.5.0 changelog for refernce), but does say that cornacs should start with an extra generic point and get extra points of both types as they level. No newer changelog that I remember reviewing mentions additional cornac balancing.

See, in game I don't notice a difference between what a cornac got and what one other race got as far as talent points at level ten. A cornac does appear to get an extra talent point at birth (I don't remember which type it was--I should write stuff down).

What exactly are cornacs intended to get as bonus talent points, and at which levels? It would be nice to have the wiki reconciled with the game, if the game is accurately reflecting the intended number of points. The old changelog makes me wonder about that. But, then, is some addon causing a problem? But I have no addons that should affect that--the one I have that I know affects cornacs doesn't seem to change what happens to them on level up unless it's some loading conflict I haven't found.

I need to go mess with the debug stuff some time when it's not late at night, and count up what a few characters actually get when forced to level 50 right away. It's tough to imagine a problem of this kind would go unnoticed, and the wiki IS notoriously unreliable--that itself is a shame. Spoilers ought to have version notations, be as quantitative as possible, and be unambiguous. I guess with a small community it's tough to keep a wiki up-to-date.

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