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Permadeath Difficulty Race Class Campaign Version Addons
UserNameAddonLast updated
jayseeseeInner Demons the level 44 Xorn Demonologistxornmodded9 hours 57 min ago
jayseeseeStabs the level 23 Xorn Spellswordxornmodded17 hours 40 min ago
jayseeseeBoltsboltsbolts the level 21 Xorn Radiantxornmodded18 hours 52 min ago
jayseeseeXornserker the level 14 Xorn Berserkerxornmodded20 hours 48 min ago
jayseeseeXornbutcher the level 105 Xorn Sawbutcherxornmodded1 day 8 hours ago
jayseeseeQuintstar the level 16 Xorn Mindslayerxornmodded1 day 11 hours ago
jayseeseePinpoint the level 16 Xorn Archerxornmodded1 day 12 hours ago
jayseeseeXornolith the level 12 Xorn Chrono Rangerxornmodded1 day 13 hours ago
jayseeseeXornolith the level 12 Xorn Chrono Rangerxornmodded1 day 13 hours ago
karth007Yeti Forge the level 2 Kruk Yeti Forge Knightxornmodded3 weeks 1 day ago
fxfRodimil the level 4 Dwarf Druidxornmodded3 weeks 2 days ago
karth007Blood MAgic the level 26 KrukBloodruned Blood Magexornmodded3 weeks 3 days ago
fxfEsban the level 1 Dwarf Druidxornmodded3 weeks 3 days ago
karth007Necro Vamp the level 1 KrukVampire Necromancerxornmodded3 weeks 3 days ago
karth007BowMagic the level 9 Shalore Magebowxornmodded3 weeks 4 days ago
karth007Mind Figheter the level 7 Cornac Mind Knightxornmodded3 weeks 5 days ago
karth007Thunderstrike the level 1 Cornac Storm Knightxornmodded3 weeks 5 days ago
karth007THE PHENOIX the level 11 Cornac Phoenix Knightxornmodded3 weeks 5 days ago
karth007Revengeance the level 11 Orc Hauntedxornmodded3 weeks 5 days ago
karth007MEZZATRON the level 1 Orc Mesmerxornmodded3 weeks 5 days ago
karth007nightmare (servant of Possessed) the level 1 demon createdxornmodded3 weeks 5 days ago
karth007Let the World burn the level 6 Orc Anarchistxornmodded3 weeks 5 days ago
karth007Dragon the level 19 Dragon Fire Drakexornmodded3 weeks 6 days ago
karth007Death Forge the level 1 Wight Forge Knightxornmodded4 weeks 7 hours ago
karth007XORNO the level 5 Xorn Berserkerxornmodded4 weeks 8 hours ago