Alchemy Woes: Only One Provider

Alchemy Woes: Only One Provider

Breaking out just the alchemy part of Regalion's mod, and making sure its 1.4.x compatible. Not thoroughly tested yet, but registering so I can just leave it on. This should prevent the other alchemists
from suddenly finishing potions. Basically instead of a random 3-5, you can get a specific 9. There's only one ingredient provider they have handy it seems.

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Name Module Version Required Released File
Tested/working 1.4.6 2016-03-12 07:42
Merged with Alchemist Quest Reward. 1.4.4 2016-02-28 03:28
Testing Release 1.4.4 2016-02-28 02:54

Thank you! >_<

God yes! thank you so much.

The maker(s)? of the game thought potion grinds before a final push in a new area were
annoying, so they invented the infusion/rune system.

But TOME4 does a few things all its own that are just as annoying as potion grinds, and this
fixes one of them.

TOME is a awesome game with few faults, but there are a few things that would annoy the neurotic
like me.

The only other major annoyance is having to carry around a bunch of gear with stats that you're not
going to invest in just to learn skills and stuff, and that is probable the worst one.