Alchemists Using Ranged Weapons

Alchemists Using Ranged Weapons

I've just found that even with no mastery, T5 ranged randarts do more damage than channeling Bolbum's Big Knocker at 5/5 Channeling Staff/ Staff Mastery, so it is a good idea for alchemists to get Swift Hands prodigy and shoot with a ranged weapon when their bombs are on CD.
But this means you need to change ammons twice every 4 turns, which is still annoying even with hotbar keys. So I've made this addon to make this easy.

Basically what this addon does is when you're using Throw Bomb, Shockwave Bomb or Gem portal,
1) if you have alchemist gems in your quiver, proceed as normal;
2) if not, and you have Swift Hands prodigy, check the quiver of the other set, if there are alchemist gems, use them instead.
It does not change your equipments. So if you want to use a ranged weapon on an alchemist with this addon, you should put your weapon ammons in the set where you have your ranged weapon, and alchemist gems in the other set.

Well, this actually works a bit different, because this never takes the once-per-turn free equipment swapping granted by Swift Hands. Try not to abuse this, but even if you do, it's probably still not game-changing.

--1.01 update--
forgot that Refit Golem also uses alchemist gems. Though you should not use this skill that often after switching to a ranged weapon, but if you did use it, with 1.0.0, Swift Hands and weapon ammo in the quiver of your current set and alchemist gems in the other set, the weapon ammo would be deleted. Now fixed.

--1.02 update--
forgot Thunderclap, now fixed.

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