Precise Ranger of Annihilation

Game Addon: 

Adds three new suffixes, and modifies three others:

Precision: + crit rate, acc, DEX, and CUN
Annihilation: + crit rate, crit mod
Range: increases range of bow to 9 or 10 (goal: to have it be consistently 10)

Speed: now +5% attack speed, +10% movement speed
Great Speed: now +10% attack speed, +20% movement speed
of power: APR bonus now on ammunition

Known bugs/issues introduced:
- "of Range" may give 11 range to a shooter, though it should be extremely rare (eg 1:1 000 000). My "fix" for this makes some shooters get 9 range instead of the intended 10.
- Enemies may still use ammunition, negating the bonuses of some bows. This was necessary to prevent dual bow mindslayers from benefiting too much.