Extra Dungeons Fixed

Extra Dungeons Fixed

Makes certain locations accessible to all characters.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
Extra Dungeons Fixed 1.5.5 2017-08-07 14:11

Fixed in what way?

I stopped using it because of the loss of the apprentice mage in the latest update of ToME, but that's the only problem I know about. If that's what is fixed, I'll definitely start using it again. I miss taking on all the available dungeons in my never-ending quest to just wipe all monsters from the face of Maj'Eyal. It's a hobby.

He definitely shows up now,

He definitely shows up now, so that must have been the fix. Thanks for doing that Dienes!

Oh good...

Once I get home and test it out, I'll be rating this add-on as a much welcomed update. Thanks from me too.

Edit: Yep.

Old Conclave Vault not guaranteed.

In the previous version of Extra Dungeons, it's not guaranteed to get the Director Hompalan boss in the Ruined Halfling Complex, so the Old Conclave Vault is not guaranteed, unless you use Shalore.

SInce that's part of a random encounter...

Would we expect it to show up every time? The...dammit, I know the name...the solipsist dungeon...the Caldera?...does show up despite being random, but it doesn't require an encounter. Maybe this mod would have to go into an entirely different part of the code to guarantee that encounter before creating the dungeon. Outside of the Far East, I can't think of any other random ones that require a special encounter first.

Guaranteed Zones addon does this.

But Guaranteed Zones doesn't make Yeek and Dwarf areas available. It would be nice if one addon provided all the extra zones.

Ah, Okay

Yeah, that would be nice. I've never played the Guaranteed Zones mod, just the original Extra Dungeons (which has apparently just been updated, though the creator hasn't specified what was changed) and this one. Honestly, ever since I did the unlock, I'd completely forgotten about this particular zone.