Improved Auto-explore and Rest

Improved Auto-explore and Rest

Quality of Life improvements for resting and auto-exploring.

v3.5.0 *** FOR ToME v1.6.5 ***
This is a fork (with permission) of Marson's auto-explore and rest tweaks. It includes as well C.Lowe/CaptainTrip's improvements as well. It does not include, but recommends also using Johnny0's Faster RRE add-on for even better rest and auto-explore experience. This add-on contains numerous Quality of Life improvements designed to make resting and auto-exploring easier to use, brings the add-on overall up to being compatible with 1.6.x, and generally seeks to remove it being more optimal to do timed rests or manual recovery (particularly to help higher difficulty level and players without Faster RRE). Cleaned up feature list in this take, to make it easier to see what it does.

It is recommended to turn off Marson's Rest and Auto-Explore as well as C.Lowe's Rest Tweaks if using. This addon is meant to include all of them.

Latest Update Notes:
• Changed steam sustain behavior to match current gameplay. Before sustains tended to shut off when available resource was 0, now they don't seem to do so. This will now only turn off sustains that drain steam if steam is going below 0, so as to get to a steady finish state.
• Fix minor bug where stealth enabling was always on if you had it.
• Added new option to ignore quest members when resting or exploring. It defaults to off but for those folks that know they want to ignore those quest allies and rest a bit.

Existing Features:
• removed First Sighting and Reset on Rest. Someone can patch them in if they'd like it back, but I'm not really keeping them alive.
• Fixed actor bugs causing Elemental Surge to never reset. Thanks Reca♥den.
• Fixed bug with Paradox Spacetime Tuning from 1.5.5. This may rebreak posessors with paradox, hard to kinda test.
• Mostly verified working on 1.6.0
• Compatibility with restart sustains. Thanks zizzo.
• When resting, it will check for infusions and runes that could be used to accelerate HP, Mana, or Equilibrium (via Ancestral Life or Meditation) recovery. If the acceleration appears significant, it will use them, rotating from first available infusion or rune outward. In experiment, I found this often reduced rest turn time by 50-80 percent, improving the more drained the resource was. Particularly helpful for Mana, as it avoids trade-off advantages of short term resting (for increased mana regen) + rune use by just handling that more optimal play for you automatically without breaking rest.
• Support for steam implants, with usual checkboxes. This may not always be faster based on steam sustains that may disable after the initial round of rest and steam implants having very long cooldowns (30+ turns) and steam's resource max being pretty small. It tries to be conservative on that, so will most likely help for cases where your functional steam regen rate is < 2.00 and never activate for things much above it. I found I was often getting 5-20 steam per turn, which makes the implant support useless.
• Supports for medical healing salve injectors. Cooldown measurements are a bit odd here, since they can range from 5-20 depending on injector. Went with 10 as a happy medium for how many turns of natural regen is considered to be equal to the cooldown cost of using it.
• Adding support to auto-stealth if available and not stealthed.
• Option for ignoring small damage when moving and resting, basically if it is <5%, it will ignore it by default, prevent small DoTs from preventing rest.
• Options added to control whether or not to use inscriptions to accelerate recovery of things.
• Fixes a ToME bug that can cause autoexplore or running to move only a single square and hang if used immediately after killing an enemy.
• Lore discovery will only stop autoexplore if it triggers a popup.
• Autoexplore will ignore Exploratory/Infinite Farportal return portals until the entire level has been explored.
• Ignores special terrain features such as Font of Healing after they are first discovered.
• Ignores open chests and alt Maze floor cracks.
• Rest and AE ask for confirmation if you have an escort in your party.
• Ignore already activated pedestals.
• Checks for and waits on any rechargeable items.
• Checks for and reloads any ammo in offhand quiver.
• Waits for cooldowns of talents set to auto-use.
• Waits for depleted air to replenish.
• Combines all checks into a single instance of rest, rather than having cooldowns etc. require a second resting phase.

Determines how auto-explore and running respond to telepathy, including mouse moves. Regardless of the setting, hostiles seen via telepathy will not halt resting or the Rod of Recall, nor trigger automated talents. Unique or powerful monsters (rank > 3) will always trigger a halt to running when they are spotted via telepathy for any mode except 'Original'.


Available modes:
• 'Always Viligant' always stops running when a hostile creature is seen via telepathy.
• 'Original' is standard ToME auto-explore behavior, which ignores telepathy when running or auto-exploring.

• Compatible with ToME v1.6.0

Folks who have helped with bugfixes over the years:

• Telepathy will not prevent auto-exploring the way normal sight will. If a halt is triggered by telepathy, hitting auto-explore again will move you at least one more square in the direction of the auto-explore path. If in 'Always Viligant' mode and a hostile is within telepathic sight (but not normal sight), you will auto-explore in 1 square per keypress increments.

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Meditate doesn't seem to be

Meditate doesn't seem to be automatically triggered on rest, even if it is more efficient, in 1.7.4. At 70 equilibrium I'm frequently resting for 40+ turns which would have been just under 30 if it turned on meditate. It does properly turn off though. Also, it would be nice if it supported casting to regenerate positive/negative energy.

This addon is fantastic -

This addon is fantastic - I've been using it for ages!

Sadly, I've found that it conflicts with another addon that I've just started using for my AM rolls. When this addon is enabled, the functionality of the "Rest to a limited mana percentage" addon (link: ) sadly doesn't work.
Is there any way to make the two compatible?



Maybe. Haven't looked here in a while will possibly take a look tomorrow.

Updating with fixes for 1.6 for now.

Post 1.6.1 and the disruption shield changes

Is that still relevant? Seems not. Post on the forum thread if so please.

QoL Setting

Would be great if there was an option to disable the message you get every time you want to rest/autoexplore when you have another member in your party.

hmm, I feel I haven't seen

hmm, I feel I haven't seen that...may look.

Added support for this.

Added support for this.


Hey, tried to add you a while back.

Your addon needs updating to 1.4.x. Cheers dude.




Using the command "Run" with this addon causes Lua error.