Myth's Minimalist UI

Myth's Minimalist UI

This addon changes several user interface elements to provide a more open and cleaner overall appearance.

  • Map - Rolled edges removed, size reduced.
  • Hotbar - Borders and background changed to be transparent.
  • Player Info - Background changed to be transparent, Most graphical extras removed.
  • Resource Bars - Most Graphical extras removed.

+++ This addon only works for new characters, unless you edit your save file+++

Instructions for save file editing:

Locate your save folder - (Generally in C:\users\*username*)

( The name of you save folder inside your *username* directory is T-Engine )

BACKUP YOUR T-Engine folder TO A SAFE LOCATION - ( You can copy and paste it on your desktop )

Inside your *username* directory, open your T-Engine folder
Open the 4.0 Folder
Open the Save Folder
Look for the folder with your character's name you wish to edit and open it.
Look for and open your desc.lua file ( You can use notepad, but it may be easier to download and install something like Notepad++ )

Locate the line that looks like the following:
addons = {'ashes-urhrok', 'items-vault', 'steamui', 'stone-wardens'}

Add inside the { } the following 'myth-minimalist-ui' so that it now looks like:
addons = {'ashes-urhrok', 'items-vault', 'steamui', 'myth-minimalist-ui', 'stone-wardens'}

( Keep in mind the above will look different based on what addons you have installed )

Save your desc.lua and exit the file.

Myth's Minimalist UI on Steam's Workshop
See addon usage in the character's vault.
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