New Alchemist

New Alchemist

Full remake of Alchemist and gems:
Changes for alchemist:
You may equip gems instead of alchemist gems.
Buff Golemancy & Advanced-Golemancy tree, to make your golem toucher and git harder.
Replace Fire/Acid/Frost/Energy Alchemy tree with Element Alchemy tree.
New Alchemy Potion tree that allows you to prepare potions before combat, you can even see your potions below the resource bars.
New Gem Spell tree that can trigger the special bomb effect of gems.
New Explosion Control tree that allows you to throw bomb in special ways.
Cunning/Survival is now unlocked at birth.

Changes for gems:
Adjust the potential damage type and tier of normal gems.
Buff the stats of normal gems.
Most normal gems gain new bomb effect.

Remake of Golem:
Increased Golem life.
A new generic tree for golem, and golem level up with a few generic trees
Plan to replace current golem talents with more fancy skills (which I have no idea now).

New Alchemist forum discussion thread
New Alchemist on Steam's Workshop
See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
compatible with arcanum 1.7.6 2023-11-17 16:57
Automatic Golem Portal 1.7.6 2023-07-04 07:32
Bugfixes 1.7.6 2023-07-02 15:11
bugfix 1.7.6 2023-07-01 16:12
Fully Upgrade! 1.7.6 2023-07-01 15:08
Spell Upgraded 1.7.2 2022-01-15 16:29
Ametrine Defense 1.7.2 2020-12-21 16:51
Bomb's Special Effect 1.7.2 2020-12-19 16:28
Trans chest correctly extracts gem! 1.7.2 2020-12-19 15:30
Trans Chest Fix 1.7.2 2020-12-19 08:54


Ran into a run ending error - unable to take actions or access the menu. Was having a good time before then, though.  

Lua Error: /data-new-alchemist/talents/spells/gem-spell.lua:230: attempt to index local 'death_note' (a nil value)
    At [C]:-1 __index
    At /data-new-alchemist/talents/spells/gem-spell.lua:230 
    At /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:1222 callTalent
    At /mod/class/Actor.lua:6206 fireTalentCheck
    At /mod/class/Actor.lua:3062 takeHit
    At /mod/class/Actor.lua:2508 baseonTakeHit
    At /mod/addons/arcanum/superload/mod/class/Actor.lua:149 onTakeHit
    At /mod/class/NPC.lua:311 onTakeHit
    At /mod/class/interface/ActorLife.lua:42 takeHit
    At /mod/class/Actor.lua:3060 
    At /data/damage_types.lua:553 defaultProjector
    At /data/damage_types.lua:808 projector
    At /data/timed_effects/physical.lua:438 on_timeout
    At /engine/interface/ActorTemporaryEffects.lua:97 timedEffects
    At /mod/class/NPC.lua:304 timedEffects
    At /mod/class/Actor.lua:633 actBase
    At /engine/GameEnergyBased.lua:119 tickLevel
    At /engine/GameEnergyBased.lua:64 tick
    At /engine/GameTurnBased.lua:51 tick
    At /mod/class/Game.lua:1582 


Edit: Removing Arcanum did not fix.

Double Edit: Removed a bunch of addons. It solved being unable to access the menu, and refunding the Gem Spell talents stopped the repeating lua error.