Proper Possession Plus

Proper Possession Plus

Original Mod by zizzo ( Assorted improvements to the Possessor class (UI features additional info, possess all creature types, heal possessed forms).

Additional tweaks by Kish: Longer duration on summoned forms, lower mana cost on Assume Form and Possess, lower cooldown on Assume Form, update form HP in body storage.

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Name Module Version Required Released File
Proper Possession Plus 1.6.1 2023-12-17 02:31
Proper Possession Plus 1.6.1 2020-02-13 03:40

Not quite sure what interaction is causing this, but...

The game uses a lot more memory with this addon running (while playing a possessor, of course), than without. Might be some interaction between it and another of my mods, as there's quite a few, but I actually had an error get thrown on a earlier playthrough from the game complaining about being out of workable memory. Not sure what if anything might be causing it in this, but it's specifically when actually using this addon that these issues crop up - having it running and not playing a possessor doesn't cause any memory issues at all.