INFO: This mod is *defunct*. Dead and buried. Been for years now.
Hope you had fun using it while it worked.

Edit: Actually... I might remake it shortly. Make it stronger, faster and so on. If you've got any suggestions, fire away in the comment section.

To be honest, I've been hoping something similar would make it into the main game but it never did. Which I will forever be miffed by :).

There are alternatives (for both, the alchemist part and the escort part), check the comments, search the addons.

I keep it here for those few who might want to play an older version of the game or for coding reference.

--- Old description:

A few things to make rng less random with regards to character build (because I really, really dislike it when a build is subject to randomness).

This includes and is limited to:
- no alchemist poaching,
- choose your own escort types.

It does make the game easier. Not in a significant way but use at risk to your own pride.

Formerly "known" as Succor and easement.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
tome-succor 1.0.1 2013-03-23 18:27
tome-succor-and-easement 0.9.46 2012-12-25 23:56
tome-succor-and-easement 0.9.45 2012-12-25 23:58
tome-succor-and-easement-rc1 0.9.44 2012-12-23 20:25
[b42] succor_and_easement_v2 0.9.42 2012-09-04 15:40
[b42] succor_and_easement 0.9.42 2012-08-29 23:33

need upadate : DLC2 embers or rage

Embers of rage new escort added Lost tinker

Not hopeful, but...

Is there any chance of an update to this mod? Or are there any others that achieve the same thing?
For the most part this mod works just fine, it's just on occasion the portal for an escort won't spawn at all. I'll get to where it should be and when I ask they'll say "The portal is very close, to the ???". I've tried digging around looking for the portal but it's a no go.

I made two addons

Since it doesn't seem like Succor is being updated (Regalion hasn't logged on for a year and a half), I've made two separate addons that have the same combined goal as Succor, in case you want only one of the features.

Logical Alchemists
Select your Escorts (I added an option to pick a random escort too)

Also published on Steam.

I'd appreciate it if you could try them out and let me know if there's any problems (so far I've tested in development mode and haven't encountered any)

What the hell does alchemist poaching mean?

I've tried googling it, but nothing comes up.


is what the game calls it when you lose the opportunity to do some of your alchemist quests.

To be more specific - if you have a quest a from alchemist A and a quest b from alchemist B and you return with ingredients for quest a, then it just might happen that quest b becomes unavailable. This is what this mod prevents.

In other words yet again: quests you didn't yet undertake are prioritized over quests you took when deciding on what should become inaccessible.

Oh, that's pretty

Oh, that's pretty awesome.


Nice addon idea. Here's a

Nice addon idea.
Here's a suggestion: disabling level decay. Should be easy and I think it would fit nicely.

Maybe as an option one day.

Maybe as an option one day.