Bone Builder

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You are a necromancer with far reaching goal and big plans for the world around you. However you currently your ability to make the undead minions required for such plans is beyond your grasp. You have heard legends of a terrible being infused with large amounts of necromatic energies, killing such a creature will certainly give you the power to complete your plans.

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Bone Builder v .90 0.. .. 2013-01-30 18:27

I really like this one. Im

I really like this one. Im really hoping that development continues. I love necromancy and I really dig the theme of creating your minions from scratch, piece by piece instead of just "summoning" a skeleton.

Hope to see more types in the future. When I first saw I choose the parts of my minions I was hoping to make some kind of scary abomination with 5 fox legs and 3 goblin arms. I was sad to see you can only make humanoid creations.

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