Restart Sustains v3b.3

Game Addon: 

Feature release 3.2.3:

  • New game option "ZOmnibus | Confirm deactivation of marked sustains", to request confirmation when manually deactivating (but not activating) any sustain marked for restart.

bug report

I've got a bug recently while playing shadowblade. Not quite remember what exactly happened, but seems like I got applied 'BURNING_SHOCK' effect, and then when I press R\Z, the burning shock effect didn't disappear, instead it went to negative countdown, and never disappear.

And after that everything fallen apart, I can't right click to my talent\can't view my talent in the character sheet\can't open the talent hotkey sheet. Everything related to viewing talent will throw error.

The error seems happened on /mod/class/interface/actorinscription.lua unknown inscription if I checked my talent. Forgot the first error...