Ascendancy Level Cap Remover

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This addon removes the level 50 cap from the game (Age of Ascendancy main campaign and arena mode).

I'm unsure if it works with DLC (I don't have the DLCs ;-; ).

Enjoy :)

P.S: This is a simpler version of "Campaign Uncapper" by Starkeep. Instead of scaling every dungeon to your level, this one only removes the level cap. Consider checking that addon out!


1) Download the file

2) Move it inside /(Your Game Directory)/game/addons

3) Launch Tales of Maj'Eyal

4) On the main menu, select "Addons"

5) Find "Ascendancy Level Cap Remover" and ensure it's active


It is not compatible with mods that change data/birth/descriptors.lua

(It should be compatible with most mods; it is unknown if it works with the ones that add new campaigns)

Updated to work for 1.7.6

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