NameGameLast updated
Gruphgoth the level 18 Dwarf Reavertome1 day 1 hour ago
Liaqua the level 7 Shalore Paradox Magetome1 day 10 hours ago
Wargur the level 13 Cornac Demonologisttome1 week 2 days ago
Balgarde the level 6 Dwarf Cursedtome2 weeks 2 days ago
Reingarde the level 13 Cornac Temporal Wardentome4 weeks 2 days ago
Slyther the level 10 Halfling Roguetome4 weeks 2 days ago
Malkivus the level 7 Dwarf Cursedtome4 weeks 2 days ago
Wreaskal the level 1 Cornac Doombringertome4 weeks 3 days ago
Dalnasha the level 18 Cornac Doombringertome4 weeks 6 days ago
Vangarius the level 14 Cornac Writhing Onetome5 weeks 1 hour ago
Dargras the level 1 Cornac Doombringertome6 weeks 1 hour ago
Tharnarus the level 15 Higher Reavertome6 weeks 3 hours ago
Balgradis the level 6 Cornac Doombringertome6 weeks 6 hours ago
Vykrul the level 9 Cornac Writhing Onetome6 weeks 19 hours ago
Strarne the level 15 Higher Doombringertome6 weeks 1 day ago
BoyHowdy the level 1 Cornac Doombringertome6 weeks 2 days ago
Sicktricksbro the level 2 Cornac Doombringertome2 years 3 weeks ago
Vestov the level 25 Cornac Doombringertome4 years 23 weeks ago
barfk barfk the level 1 Cornac Wyrmictome4 years 23 weeks ago
woof woof wats for lunch the level 43 Cornac Doombringertome4 years 24 weeks ago
Erngov the level 18 Cornac Doombringertome4 years 24 weeks ago
Ternov the level 1 Cornac Temporal Wardentome4 years 25 weeks ago
Sergeiev the level 15 Cornac Doombringertome4 years 25 weeks ago
Chronobusters Part 2: The the level 1 Cornac Paradox Magetome4 years 25 weeks ago
Angryguy55 the level 1 Cornac Cursedtome4 years 25 weeks ago