NameGameLast updated
Crowley the level 11 Cornac Necromancertome17 weeks 2 days ago
Maatenthe the level 7 Doomelf Cultist of Entropytome18 weeks 1 day ago
Maatenthe the level 5 Doomelf Cultist of Entropytome18 weeks 1 day ago
Cursed Teddy the level 50 Yeek Doomedtome18 weeks 1 day ago
New Keeper the level 50 Higher Alchemisttome18 weeks 1 day ago
Nalele the level 23 Dwarf Berserkertome26 weeks 4 days ago
Test the level 1 Cornac Cursedtome27 weeks 5 days ago
Urthiziladas the level 19 Skeleton Paradox Magetome27 weeks 6 days ago
Icodbe the level 16 Higher Doombringertome28 weeks 2 days ago
Batman the level 50 Cornac Brawlertome29 weeks 1 day ago
Damned Drem the level 27 Drem Alchemisttome29 weeks 1 day ago
Efelidor the level 50 Shalore Archmagetome29 weeks 1 day ago
Xeroriassra the level 50 Shalore Sawbutchertome29 weeks 2 days ago
Andaleem the level 50 Thalore Sun Paladintome31 weeks 1 day ago
Anhilist the level 11 Orc Annihilatortome32 weeks 3 days ago
Cryofarm the level 50 Higher Alchemisttome33 weeks 19 hours ago
Imrinaspin the level 50 Thalore Gunslingertome33 weeks 3 days ago
Starvinni the level 50 Shalore Paradox Magetome33 weeks 4 days ago
Mindblower the level 50 Orc Psyshottome33 weeks 6 days ago
Gimlii the level 20 Dwarf Berserkertome34 weeks 2 days ago
The Keeper the level 50 Higher Alchemisttome35 weeks 2 days ago
Soul Reaver the level 18 Shalore Reavertome37 weeks 1 day ago
Angel the level 25 Halfling Roguetome37 weeks 2 days ago
The Doctor the level 50 Shalore Temporal Wardentome1 year 44 weeks ago
Mindblower the level 16 Orc Psyshottome1 year 44 weeks ago