NameGameLast updated
Cateva the level 12 Cornac Artificertome24 weeks 3 days ago
Arlceda the level 21 Cornac Artificertome24 weeks 4 days ago
Caimodar the level 12 Cornac Artificertome24 weeks 5 days ago
Brll the level 14 Cornac Artificertome24 weeks 6 days ago
Brll the level 5 Cornac Artificertome24 weeks 6 days ago
Ribiayila the level 11 Moon Fox Artificertome24 weeks 6 days ago
Duvari the level 12 Cornac Blackguardtome24 weeks 6 days ago
Azriatien the level 2 Ogre Incantor of Flametome25 weeks 20 hours ago
Kirat the level 22 Garden Gnome Skirmishertome33 weeks 2 days ago
Nnan the level 2 Warrior Effigy Transcendent Fisttome33 weeks 6 days ago
Nalyavo the level 16 Zilquish Grove Keepertome33 weeks 6 days ago
Armee the level 12 Freek Radianttome35 weeks 1 day ago
Ylaatethnie the level 27 Lich Incantor of Flametome35 weeks 6 days ago
Ilra the level 9 Sholtar Charmedtome36 weeks 2 days ago
Mariselka the level 15 Nargol Charmedtome36 weeks 4 days ago
Veil the level 19 Feling Wisptome36 weeks 6 days ago
Fasi the level 18 Moon Fox Martyrtome37 weeks 21 hours ago
Lisanne the level 3 Zilquish Druidtome37 weeks 1 day ago
Oreaisi the level 17 Cornac Spellweavertome37 weeks 1 day ago
Ulie the level 15 Dreamelf Demonologisttome38 weeks 4 hours ago
Ndrenlai the level 17 Wood Sprite Quantum Slidertome38 weeks 23 hours ago
Ilst the level 21 Cornac Gravitic Infantrytome38 weeks 1 day ago
Utraka the level 15 Legacied Harriertome38 weeks 4 days ago
Siludtai the level 28 Bloodruned Stone Wardentome38 weeks 5 days ago
Nalah the level 23 Shifty Gnome Swordsmastertome38 weeks 6 days ago